Charges dropped against ‘monk’ who delivered leaflets comparing gays to paedophiles

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped charges against a man who delivered homophobic leaflets while dressed as a monk.

53-year-old Damon Jonah Kelly delivered a series of anti-gay leaflets in the Stoke-on-Trent area last September, and elsewhere across the country.

One of the leaflets reads in part: “The practice of homosexuality is both blasphemy against God and rebellion against nature.

“Homosexuality, as well as being a sin and a vice, is essentially a neurosis, a pathological condition, the result of several factors including childhood experiences.

“Homosexualism has become a cult, and by the indoctrination of school children and regular propaganda through the media, it seeks converts.”

However, the Crown Prosecution Service has refused to press charges against the man – claiming they do not warrant prosecution.

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “The CPS was asked to consider a single complaint involving the distribution of leaflets denouncing homosexuality in the Stoke on Trent area.

“While these leaflets were ill-informed and caused offence to members of the community targeted by this individual, they did not cross the high criminal threshold for prosecution under current legislation.”

“We have therefore recommended to Staffordshire Police that the most effective way to deal with this behaviour and therefore protect the community from future harassment or distress is to use suitable out of court disposals or orders.

“We have therefore referred the matter back to them for investigation into alternative proceedings.”

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson told the Stoke Sentinel: “Following advice from the CPS in October, Staffordshire Police considered alternative ways to deal with this individual’s behaviour. This included reviewing all the evidence available to us and seeking the advice of the force’s legal department.

“The use of imposing an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO), soon to be replaced by a civil injunction, was thoroughly examined as an alternative.

“However, in light of the advice we received, it was decided that there was insufficient evidence to bring proceedings against this individual for an ASBO/civil injunction at this time.

“As a result this matter will now lie on file. Should there be similar reports of this individual delivering leaflets in Staffordshire in future the matter will be investigated in full.”

Mr Kelly wrote to PinkNews in December, labelling us “the enemy” and “the disciples of the Devil”.