Hate preacher Scott Lively: It would take a miracle to stop same-sex marriage in the US

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Hate preacher Scott Lively has conceded that it would take a “miracle” to stop equal marriage in the United States.

The US Supreme Court is currently preparing to hear a case regarding marriage bans in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee – in which a ruling could potentially cement equality in all 50 states.

However, homophobic activist Scott Lively – who is due to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity for his role in encouraging anti-gay laws around the world – appears to have already conceded defeat in the case.

He wrote in a blog: “Absent a miracle from God or unprecedented massive wave of popular protest by America’s Christians (which would be a miracle in itself), the United States Supreme Court will declare a constitutional right to ‘gay marriage’ by judicial fiat sometime this year.

“The fact that SCOTUS has now taken up the issue (with oral arguments set for April) means that the leftist majority on the court believe the time is at hand to finish the job.

“Spiritually speaking, the official endorsement of ‘gay marriage’ by the most powerful and influential nation on earth, and more importantly the only nation in the history of the world (other than ancient Israel) to be established on a Biblical foundation, is an act of rebellion against God not seen since Noah’s Flood.”

“I expect some sort of severe judgment to fall on America in conjunction with this process.”

Despite his long track record of vile comments and active support for laws criminalising homosexuality, Mr Lively recently said he doesn’t consider himself anti-gay.

He said: “Most irritating and misleading is that all or most of the stories identify me (often in the title) as ‘anti-gay pastor’, as if that were some sort of professional title rather than an editorial comment.

“I strongly object to that characterization, which deliberately misrepresents my opposition to the mainstreaming of homosexual conduct as hatred of homosexual persons.”