You probably haven’t seen the Changing of the Guard quite like this

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Changing of the Guard is one of Buckingham Palace’s most popular traditions – but usually the guards are wearing a lot more uniform than this.

A dance troupe pretending to be the Queen’s Guard marched through central London’s Southbank last week, fooling some tourists into thinking they were the real deal.

The crowds were bemused when the group broke into a synchronised dance routine – before tearing off their clothing to reveal Union Jack boxers.

The stunt was intended to promote the launch of E!’s new drama series ‘The Royals’ – which features a fictional royal family loosely based on the real British royals.

The show stars Elizabeth Hurley as a fictional Queen, who is struggling to prevent a number of sleazy scandals, as her children and family spin out of control with drugs and sex.

In real life, there have previously been warnings that hook-up apps like Grindr could harm the security of the actual royals.

Last year, police were said to be “deeply concerned” at the number of unvetted guests that the Queen’s live-in staff are allowing to stay overnight in the royal residences, with the numbers reportedly sky-rocketing due to apps like Grindr and Tinder.

A source added: “It is a security nightmare, especially in the current climate. The guests are allowed to stay at St James’s Palace but some have complained that when they leave they get asked ‘a million questions’ by officers. Police say they are only doing their job.”

The Royals premières on E! on Wednesday at 9pm.