Julie Bindel promises to stop talking about trans people

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Feminist writer Julie Bindel has said she refuses to weigh in on Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

She has frequently come under fire in the past for her controversial views about the validity of trans people’s experiences.

In a public post on her Facebook, Ms Bindel shared an email she has received from a journalist at the Sunday Times asking her to comment on the recent coming-out of former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner.

The email said: “We are writing a big piece on transgenderism on the back of Caitlin Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover, and we are interested in speaking to a feminist who has expressed doubts about transgender men ‘being women’, and about the debate about it within feminism itself.

“Would you consider talking to our writer about this on the telephone whenever you can soon?”

She also posted her reply to the email: “Thank you for asking. However, I do not fancy another 11 years of McCarthyite bullying, threats, no platforming, vilification, misrepresentation, false accusations, and my work on sexual violence towards women and girls being under threat.


“Feel free to use this explanation in print as to why I have chosen to turn down your request.”

However, in the past few days she has retweeted several tweets that mention trans people in general, and Caitlyn Jenner specifically.

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Ms Bindel has, in the past, said that she has chosen to be a lesbian and more women should do the same.

Bindel has previously claimed that a “trans cabal” were “running a witch hunt” against people who offended them, after becoming embroiled in a dispute with trans activists.

She has also claimed that gay marriage is “a waste of time and effort”, and claimed that the term “queer” was being used by “anyone who is into kinky sex”.