Ellen Page: I wish I’d come out as gay sooner

Ellen Page

Out actress Ellen Page has said she hopes she might get married one day, and that she wishes she had come out sooner.

The Juno actress revealed in February last year that she was gay, in an emotional speech to GLAAD where she said she was ‘tired of lying by omission’ about her sexuality.

She commented after the US Supreme Court ruled that all couples have a constitutional right to marriage.

Speaking to Variety, she was asked whether she would like to get married one day. She said: “Yeah, I’d like that.”

“I’m happier than I probably could imagine,” she said. “Now it doesn’t feel like I was ever not out. It’s hard for me to imagine not existing in the way that I’m existing now.

“It boggles my mind that it seemed so difficult and so impossible. I wish I’d done it sooner, quite frankly. Some dark cloud has completely evaporated, thank goodness.”

Page also said she was pleased to be seen as a role model by LGBT teens.

“I feel extremely fortunate and humble when I have experiences with LGBT people who come up to me and say how I helped them come out,” she said. “Those moments are really extraordinary. They are typically really emotional.

“The biggest feeling I get is gratitude. I totally stayed in the closet, and I felt guilty about it. I was finally able to get out, and that was my life journey. I’m interested in gay issues. It’s natural for that to be a part of my life.”

Page recently tweeted expletives to the Queen – after the Monarch she awarded an MBE to Northern Irish Councillor Maurice Mills, who blamed the spread of AIDS in Africa on gay people engaging in the “filthy practice of sodomy”.