Another US judge quits rather than let gay couples marry

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Following a groundbreaking ruling on same-sex marriage by the US Supreme Court, some officials are showing their distaste in extreme ways.

This magistrate judge from Dodge County, Lonnie T Parkerson, announced earlier this month that he would stop performing weddings altogether.

The reason being so he can avoid performing weddings for same-sex couples.

Making the announcement, at the wedding of a straight couple, Judge Parkerson said told WMAZ: “About two weeks ago I had some people come in the office and asked me to do a wedding and I’m not doing weddings any more since the Supreme Court passed the law that they did.”

He was referring to a lesbian couple.

Continuing, he said: “I want y’a’ll to know you’re the last wedding that I’m ever gonna do. They were already scheduled so I’ll do them too. I just can’t do it the other way, y’all, it ain’t right. The Bible explains it just like that [snaps his fingers] what marriage is. That is a marriage right there [points to man and woman getting married]. What came in my office the other day was two ladies, it’s not a marriage.”

The straight couple agreed, saying “amen”.

According to the Georgia Voice, Parkerson is a banker, and is in his third term as a magistrate.

He made it very clear that he would never perform a wedding again, saying: “There won’t be any more done by this office and by me or any of my personnel.”

Watch the video of him at the wedding below