Trans model Andreja Pejic launches first cosmetics ad campaign

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic has released her first campaign video for a cosmetics brand.

Andreja Pejic – who came out as trans July last year – has already made history as the first out trans model to be profiled by Vogue.

This time the model has just released a video for Make Up For Ever which also starred Jamie Chung – blogger and actress known for playing gay character Mulan in Once Upon a Time.

Carrying a strong celebration of individuality and self-expression, the video launches the “Be You” campaign – making Pejic as one of the first openly transgender female models to land a cosmetics contract.

Pejic’s narration in the video focuses on the importance of a campaign like this one, saying: “It means pushing boundaries in a positive way.

“When I was a teenager, make-up started playing a really big role. And it became deeper than just looking pretty. It sort of allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Jamie Chung who co-stars in the campaign commented: “It’s encouraging women to be the best versions of themselves. To have confidence in themselves. And I think that’s really powerful.”

Mélanie Inglessis – the consulting makeup artist for the video shoot – spoke out as well: “It’s a project that really promotes transformation, that promotes individuality.

Andreja has recently raised around $63,000 through Kickstarter in order to create a documentary about her transition.

She joins ranks with celebrities such as Lea T – a Brazilian supermodel who became the face of Redken haircare products in 2014.