Putin claims Russia will run out of children if gays marry each other

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Vladimir Putin claimed that if gay people are allowed to marry each other, Russia would not produce enough children to survive.

The Russian President made the bizarre comments to the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron when he was challenged on gay rights, according to a new book.

Mr Cameron has spoken several times about a confrontation with Putin on the issue, revealing he had a “candid” conversation with the leader “in the middle of the night” at a G20 meeting in 2013.

He has never elaborated on the actual details of the conversation – but light was shed on it by Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon in new biography ‘Cameron At 10’ – which looks at the Prime Minister’s first term in government.

The book reveals that far from a fruitful chat, Putin and the PM ended up having a “bizarre bickerfest” on the issue, “both wanting to have the last word”.

The book, serialised in the Mail, notes: “Cameron is riding a high horse, using arguments fresh from his jousting on gay marriage back home, while Putin argues that Russia’s future demography will have problems if gay people are allowed to marry each other, and that the country will not have enough children to secure its future.

“At times they seem to be enjoying it, at times they seem angry.

“They are acting like executives at a sales conference who have stayed up too late at the bar.

“Aides on both sides just wish they’d shut up so they can all go to bed, amazed that they are still talking so late into the night in the midst of such an important international event.”

The book also claims that David Cameron ignored warnings from Tory election guru Lynton Crosby over same-sex marriage – refusing to listen to advice that he could “f**k off” his party by pushing ahead with equality.