Kaspersky blocks access to PinkNews and claims it is only suitable for over-18s

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Internet security service Kaspersky is restricting access to PinkNews for young people, claiming it is ‘adult’ content.

The Russian-based internet security company provides filtering and antivirus controls for people and companies across the world.

However, users in South Africa report that access to PinkNews has been cut off for any user under the age of 18 on computers using Kaspersky’s content controls.

When challenged on the ban, a Kaspersky spokesperson responded: “From what I understand the website is categorized as adult due to the content being of a sensitive and sometimes violent nature and may therefore not be suitable for an individual under 18 to view.

“Pinknews.co.uk website falls under the category of ‘adult content’ therefore there is no contradiction with it being blocked by our product. You can find the definition of the ‘adult content’ on our official website.”

The security company’s definition of adult content claims that “websites on sexual deviations” and “websites for discussion of human sexuality” are unsuitable for under-18s.

It also bans”websites of official media or online communities with established target audience that include special sections or articles on sexual relationships”.

PinkNews reached out to representatives of Kaspersky in the UK to clarify whether the restrictions are also in place for UK users.

At time of publication, Kaspersky has not responded.