US gay marriage opponents are now seeking to stop ALL marriages

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Opponents of same-sex marriage in the US are now desperately trying anything – including trying to block all marriages.

After Tennessee failed to block same-sex marriage, a local politician has proposed that no couples should be able to marry.

A member of the Bradley County Commission in eastern Tennessee, Howard Thompson, and Church of God minister Guinn Green filed a lawsuit on Thursday which hopes to block all marriages in the county.

The lawsuit would stop county clerks from granting all marriage licences.

It argues that following last year’s Supreme Court ruling in favour of equal marriage, and since states laws banning same-sex marriage were struck down, no clerks can issue marriage licences until new legislation is passed.

Officials and clergy members, are worried about being fined for officiating invalid marriages, the lawsuit claims.

The pair are being represented by an attorney provided by the Constitutional Government Defense Fund, which is linked with the Family Action Council .

“Support for same sex marriage reflects not only a misunderstanding of what marriage is, but a lack of appreciation for the impact a redefinition of marriage will have on society and the reasons that governments provide benefits and impose duties upon marriage,” reads the Family Action Council’s website.