‘Size queen’ and ‘butt plug’ added to Oxford English Dictionary

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The Oxford English Dictionary has added a load of new words, which include some sexy additions like “butt plug” and “size queen”.

As well as the new additions, the dictionary also added “budgie smugglers”, “big-arsed” and “soy milk”.


The full list of new additions includes the modern acronyms you’d expect like CBA (can’t be arsed), FFS (for f*ck’s sake) and TBH (to be honest).

Check out the full list below:

Ankle-slapper (a small wave)
Bot herder (a hacker who identifies computers vulnerable to takeover, to become ‘bots’)
BRB (be right back)
butt cheek
butt crack
butt plug
CamelCase (WordsWrittenLikeThis – going up and down like a camel’s humps)
carpet shampoo (no sinister meaning behind this, behave)
CBA (can’t be arsed)
cold caller
comfort blanket
Dirty martini
elimination diet
erectile dysfunction
evening class
FFS (for f*ck’s sake)
FWIW (for what it’s worth)
glamping (glamourous camping, e.g. in a yurt)
Hen do
ICYMI (in case you missed it)
IDC (I don’t care)
kitchen bitch
K-pop (Korean pop music)
krump (a form of street dance)
leetspeak (an informal internet language where letters are often replaced by numbers)
listicle (an article in the form of a list)
pwn (a ‘leetspeak’ term for ‘own’, or get the better of)
Secret shopper
Size queen (a person who prefers large penises)
Slotted spoon
solar farm (an area of land with lots of solar panels set up to generate electricity)
soy milk
spousal rape
spray tan
stag do
stalkerish (adjective for displaying stalking behaviour)
staring contest
stress test
supercouple (a popular, famous ‘perfect’ couple)
TBH (to be honest)
tl;dr (too long, didn’t read)
trout pout (swollen lips after cosmetic injections)
vampire squid (a deep sea animal)
wild swimming (swimming in natural water such as rivers or lakes)
wow factor
Yazidism (an ancient religion with origins in Iraq and Syria)

The words “cisgender” and “twerk” were added to the dictionary this time last year.

The title Mx and the term “manspreading” were added later in 2015.

Back in 2013, the leading authority on the English language said it would change the definition of the word ‘marriage’ to keep in line with the passing of same-sex marriage act in England and Wales.