Man who killed trans woman and set her body on fire to spend life in prison

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A man who violently murdered a trans woman and set her body on fire will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Yaz’min Shancez, 31, was shot and burned to death on 19 June 2014. Her body was found dumped behind a bin outside a rental facility.

Police in Fort Myers, Florida, subsequently arrested Terry Lynn Brady.

The sentence was handed down today by Lee County Circuit Judge Frank Porter after Brady was convicted by a jury in September of second-degree murder.

Porter heard testimony from Brady and denied an appeal from his defence lawyers.

“There was no one piece… There were many pieces of evidence that came together.”

A friend of Shancez told police that Shancez had referred to Brady as her “baby daddy”, and had posted on Facebook that he “liked to be with guys”.

Although the arrest affidavit purports that Brady paid Shancez for sexual favours, he did not admit to a sexual relationship with her when interviewed by police.

Shannon Adams, Shancez’s stepmother, said: “We’ll be in court and see what happens. Hopefully, they give [Brady] the worst penalty he can get. You don’t do that to an animal.”

Fort Myers Police spokesperson Victor Medico, told the Fort Myers News-Press: “The perseverance of our detectives who worked every investigative angle in the last month brought closure to this case today.”