Gay couple share a kiss under the mistletoe in BBC Christmas ad

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The BBC’s Christmas ad features a gay couple sharing a kiss under the mistletoe.

The UK’s public broadcaster unveiled a promo this week ahead of the holiday season, featuring Lucy Rose’s cover of Merry Christmas Everyone.

It features people getting ready for the holidays, taking part in a Santa fun run and preparing a Christmas tree.

The ad also includes a brief scene in which two men are shown sharing a kiss under the mistletoe at a Christmas party.

The ad for BBC One ends with the message: “For the moments we share… One-ness.”

It has been overwhelmingly positively received.

One YouTube commenter whinged: “Is it possible for the BBC to produce anything without massively over-representing gay and mixed-race relationships?”

However, a user hit back: “It’s not political correctness. It’s just real life. It’s a nice festive trailer.”

Another added: “I understand that some people hate the ‘forced political correctness’ but people need to understand that representation seems forced because we are not used to it, so it feels jarring.

“Give it time, and representation won’t have to seem forced, and we will barely bat an eyelid at two men kissing. I can’t wait for that time to arrive.”