US pastor: George Michael was a ‘filthy pervert’ who is ‘rotting in Hell’

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An extreme US pastor has made shocking comments about late music legend George Michael.

Wham! frontman George Michael passed away on Christmas Day, survived by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz.

Since his death, dozens of people have opened up about the singer’s extraordinary generosity and anonymous philanthropy, donating millions to good causes without revealing his identity.

Following the death, Steven Anderson of Arizona’s Faithful Word Baptist Church uploaded a shocking rant to YouTube in which he branded Michael a “Sodomite” and a paedophile.

He claimed: “First of all, George Michael’s burning in Hell right now. He was a very wicked, God-hating sodomite reprobate, and he’s getting the punishment that he deserves right now.

“It’s been pretty sad to see even Christians in some cases saying, ‘Oh, we lost another great celebrity’, you know? ‘Rest in peace’ and all this kind of garbage.

“Clearly, George Michael hated the Lord Jesus Christ… but not only that, he provides a great example of what sodomites are actually like.

“He was found out to be a sodomite, for those who weren’t smart enough to just look at him in the 80s and see right away that the guy was a total faggot.

“In 1998, he was discovered to be a sodomite because he was arrested in a Beverly Hills restroom where he solicited sex from an undercover cop, because [that is] what these sodomites do.”

He continued: “There’s a reason why… they’re 50 times more likely to get AIDS than your average person.

“And by the way that’s why George Michael died at an age of 53 years old, when the normal life expectancy for a man is 76.

“Because of the fact that on average, the Sodomite deathstyle shaves about 20 years off of your life expectancy.”

Branding him a paedophile, he added: “Quit mourning the death of this filthy pervert. He’s rotting in Hell right now for being a God-hating homosexual reprobate.”

The pastor has previously called for the execution of gay people by stoning, and celebrated the Orlando massacre as part of a war against “a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles”.

On a mission trip to Africa earlier this year, the US-based pastor was hindered by travel bans issued by South Africa and the United Kingdom – before being deported by the Botswanian government.

The country’s President Ian Khama claimed credit for deporting the pastor, adding: “I said they should pick him up and show him out of the country. We don’t want hate speech in this country.”