Exclusive: Anti-LGBT group didn’t even watch TV show before trying to get it cancelled

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An anti-LGBT group has launched a campaign to cancel a TV show they haven’t actually watched.

Brian Brown of the National Organisation for Marriage sent out a rallying cry to supporters this week urging them to target new Fox sitcom The Mick.

The show, which began airing this month, featured a clip in its trailer about a young boy trying on a dress. The snipped has drawn fury from the anti-LGBT activists – who PinkNews can reveal have fabricated false claims that the same child wears a “bondage gag” in a bid to get the show cancelled.

In a call-to-action email to NOM supporters obtained by PinkNews, Mr Brown fumed: “The first episode of this TV show aired on January 1st and showed a six-year-old boy, who is apparently transgender, wearing a bondage gag. Apparently the producers consider childhood bondage a ‘joke’.

“It is utterly depraved that Fox thinks childhood bondage and transgenderism are things to laugh at so they can sell expensive commercials to advertisers. We are demanding that Fox cancel ‘The Mick’ immediately. Please sign our petition to Fox demanding that they cancel this depraved show.”

The claim that the show featured a “bondage gag” is entirely false, and NOM appears to have made the assumption based on a shot in a trailer without actually tuning in.

It is central to the plot of the second episode – not the first as claimed in NOM’s release – that seven-year-old nephew Ben severely burns his tongue after his brother offers him $1,000 to lick a hot grill.

He is left wearing a medical tongue isolation device over his mouth to treat the burns.
Exclusive: Anti-LGBT group didn’t even watch TV show before trying to get it cancelled
Meanwhile the group appear to have concluded the character is “transgender” from a clip in the show’s trailer in which the character is shown trying on a dress.

He quips: “I’m a Transformer!”, before his aunt adds: “Well, you’re a trans… yeah, sure, close enough.”

The kid adds of the dress: “It kind of breezes on my vagina.”

NOM fumed: “Exploiting a six-year-old for profit is a disgusting, subhuman act. Allowing such a child to model something that is used for sexual abuse and depraved, sadistic acts is not funny: it’s child abuse.

“Furthermore, having a boy claim that he has a female genitalia does great disservice to young children who might be exposed to this propaganda. Boys do not have female genitalia.

“A boy who pretends to have a vagina is not practicing comedy, he’s exhibiting signs of gender dysphoria, a serious abnormal psychological condition requiring skilled medical care and therapy.

“The Mick is nothing more than propaganda and depravity from the sexual radicals who rule Hollywood, a further descent into the cultural swamp that has only accelerated since the US Supreme Court redefined marriage.”

So far 4,765 people have signed the group’s petition calling on Fox to cancel the show, which contains the same basic mistakes as their mailout.