Man beaten and told to ‘die’ in homophobic attack walking his dog

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A man has been attacked in Miami whilst walking his dog, was subjected to homophobic abuse and told “it’s your day to die”.

Police are investigating the attack on Ken Wilcox which took place on South Beach in Miami.

He said he was passing Flamingo Park on Meridian Avenue when two men began yelling the anti-gay slurs at him.

Man beaten and told to ‘die’ in homophobic attack walking his dog

He told CBS Miami: “[Expletive], [slur], another one of you, [slur].’ The next part, right before they started striking me, basically, that ‘we’re here to kill all [slur] and it’s your day to die.’”

Wilcox then says a man grabbed his arms from behind while the other started hitting him.

He adds, of a facial injury near his eye: “My deepest injury and laceration is here and that goes all the way to my skull.

“I have three cracked ribs on this side, on the side. And I have one cracked rib on the front of this side.”

Soon after being attacked, Wilcox shared photos of his injuries.

But he says he also suffered internal bleeding from the attack.

According to Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez: “Our detectives are out actively canvassing now, looking for video or witnesses who may have seen what transpired to shed more light on this case.”

But Wilcox says the worst thing about the attack was what happened immmediately afterwards.

He said he was lying on the ground, bleeding, but that many just walked by and left him unconscious.

He said: “It’s very disheartening.

“I find it more disturbing that we live in South Beach, a town, not a city, and people still aren’t willing to stop and help.”

Police are having a public meeting to discuss the attack, which is a rare occurrence in Miami Beach.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday at 6pm at the MBPD headquarters.

Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers is also accepting information on the attack on (305) 471-TIPS.