Kelly Clarkson just helped the sweetest gay proposal to happen

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They had waited a lifetime – for a moment like this.

When Kelly Clarkson fan Alex Malerba decided that his life would suck without partner Justin Blake, there was only one way to pop the question.

The South Carolina pair travelled to Las Vegas to see their hero perform at a conference, but when they met the Stronger singer backstage, Alex had already formed a secret plan.

Having received a shout-out during the show from Clarkson for mouthing along to her lyrics, he met her afterwards and asked if she would help him with the proposal.

This made a change for the star, who had no idea a gay couple on the set of her video for Heartbeat Song was going to get engaged.

“During the show, Kelly actually called me out for being so dedicated and how I helped her remember the words to some songs by watching my lips move,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“She asked my name and told me she loved me. After the show, I saw her doing a meet-and-greet.”

He said his “heart was racing” as he approached her and told the singer he “was planning on proposing to my boyfriend during the show, but it would be better if she could help.

“She looked at me and said: ‘GO GET HIM NOW! LET’S DO IT!’

“I went running outside to get him”.

So, after he and Justin took a photo with the singer, he turned to his partner, got down on one knee, and said: “We’ve been together for four years, and you’re the love of my life.

“And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

At this point a beaming Clarkson interjected, saying: “Oh my god, I’m so happy!”

Alex then asked Justin: “Will you marry me?” to which his partner could only nod vigorously as he wiped away tears.

Kelly Clarkson just helped the sweetest gay proposal to happen

“I’m like a part of it,” Clarkson said to laughter.

“It’s so beautiful, congratulations.”

The Since U Been Gone singer asked the pair: “How long have y’all been together?”

When they told her it had been four years, she exclaimed: “Oh my god!

“It’s like a goddamn tab. Somebody get it!”

Kelly Clarkson just helped the sweetest gay proposal to happen

Alex later revealed on Instagram that he had indeed got the tab, having saved up for an age to afford a Tiffany’s ring for his partner.

And the hotel manager, who is also a huge fan of Demi Lovato, said the whole day had been “an amazing experience.

“All the love from friends and family has been overwhelmingly positive.”

He also had one more wish for Clarkson to fulfil.

“After all this – it has been incredible, and of course we hope she would attend the wedding! We love her.”

Watch the full proposal below: