First out gay English football referee says homophobia should be tackled like racism

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The first out gay referee in English football has said homophobia should be treated the same as racism in grounds.

Ryan Atkin came out as gay last week in an interview with Sky Sports.

He has now expanded on his views on the issue of homophobia in football in an interview with Lorraine Kelly.

First out gay English football referee says homophobia should be tackled like racism

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In the interview, he said: “I think from a general perception outside of the referring community I think if people are making homophobic remarks it should be treated the same as racist remarks.

“And people should be removed from grounds and they should receive bans because it’s exactly the same. Why it’s not dealt with the same we don’t know yet, but we will get there eventually.”

The ref gave a wide-ranging interview with Sky last week where he spoke about his sexuality and the homophobia that still blights football.

“For a number of reasons, I feel it’s the right time for me to say that I’m someone involved in professional football who happens to be gay,” Atkin said.

“Clearly, this is a step into the unknown – in our UK pro game, it’s widely known that there are currently no openly gay footballers, nor have there been any openly gay referees until now.

“I hope that my action, however small, will help give others in a similar situation the confidence to be themselves.”

Of potentially being abused by fans, Atkin said: “Of course, being gay doesn’t matter in the context of refereeing a match but if I’m speaking about equality and diversity, then I’m going to mention that I’m gay because it’s relevant.

“Homophobia is still a problem, but things are improving all the time. You can change the game and culture when you change your mind – and those who do need education generally change their ways once they’ve been made aware that their behaviour is unacceptable in society.”

Atkin also backed Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, which aims to promote the idea of inclusion in football.

Robbie de Santos, Head of Campaigns at Stonewall, said in a statement: “We’re so pleased Ryan feels able to be open about his sexuality.

“Ryan’s story underlines just how important it is that there are allies who are willing to stand up for LGBT inclusion in all levels of sport.

“He is an inspiring role model and his decision to come out will no doubt give others the confidence to be themselves in football.

“Role models who step up and talk about their experiences in public are so crucial, especially for young LGBT people. It lets them know they’re not alone and that they too can succeed in any career they choose.”

Atkin will work on the Panel List (Level 2b) for the 2017-18 football season.

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He’ll be the fourth official in EFL and National League matches, and be the primary referee in games in the National League North and South.

Earlier this year, non-league footballer Liam Davis made history when he became the first out gay male footballer to play at Wembley Stadium, as he represented Cleethorpes Town in the FA Vase final.

Football’s Kick It Out campaign this year issued 10,000 booklets to football stewards to help tackle anti-LGBT abuse.

FA boss Greg Clarke has admitted that men’s football is “two decades” behind the women’s game when it comes to its attitude to homosexuality.

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe said in March that he would not hesitate to sign a gay footballer to the club.