These TV hosts just blamed Hurricane Irma on gay people

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The Benham Brothers have claimed that Hurricane Irma is God’s way of punishing the LGBT+ community for “breaching the boundaries of God”.

The religious twins, who have more than 120,000 fans on Facebook, have been vocal about their disdain for queer/trans people in the past.

They have openly spoken out against “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation”, claiming that “the whole deconstruction of gender [and] of marriage … is a mask for Satan who is robbing and killing and destroying these people who desperately want life.”

These TV hosts just blamed Hurricane Irma on gay people

They also compared themselves to ISIS victims after being dropped from the show.

The brothers’ hateful statements resulted in them being fired from their jobs as television hosts.

Now they are stating that Hurricane Irma is the fault of the LGBT+ community.

The natural disaster has left at least 69 dead.

In the video on Facebook, the Benhams referred to 9/11, saying: “One of the things that we heard a lot sixteen years ago was ‘rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.’

“But the word we didn’t hear was ‘repent.’

“If you would’ve told us back then, in 2001, that in 2017 we would be completely redefining what gender means, what marriage means, what sexuality means […] I would’ve said, there’s no way that could happen in this country.”

The brothers continued by stating that the deadly hurricane could be equated to a “storm surge of moral corruption” that mirrors God’s anger towards the LGBT+ community.

According to the Benhams, “the boundaries that God has put out for us morally are for us flourishing.”

By defying these boundaries, society is adhering to “demonic ideologies taking our universities and public school systems,” they said.

They ended the video by saying that “God’s blessings are found within God’s boundaries.

“If you remove the boundaries, his blessings are replaced with burdens.

“It’s time to restore the boundaries.”

The Benham twins’ father Flip Benham gained notoriety for preaching anti-LGBT+ rhetoric during last year’s Pride parade in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Watch the brothers’ full video here: