Boyfriend of man killed in Las Vegas mass shooting pays emotional tribute

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The boyfriend of a gay man killed in the mass shooting in Las Vegas has paid an emotional tribute.

Cameron Robinson, 28, was shot dead last Sunday night while with his boyfriend Bobby Eardley, 36.

Eardley took shrapnel to the back as gunman Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 people and injured another 527 in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)
Bobby (l) and Cameron (r) (Facebook/Cameron Robinson)

Armed with 16 guns, 64-year-old Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, shooting at those who were attending an open-air music festival – which included the couple.

Eardley has now paid an emotional tribute to Robinson, who died in his arms after being shot in the neck.

(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)
(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)

Eardley told CNN that he held Robinson in his arms in his final moments.

He said: “I just wanted to make sure that he knew that he wasn’t alone in those moments and I held him and talked to him the whole time. I know he wasn’t the only victim, and I know so many other people are going through exactly what I’m going through and my heart goes out to every single one of them.”

He also thanked those who helped people on the night, saying: “I really just want to make sure that the heroes of the situation are also noticed.”

Eardley also recalled how they were loaded onto a van en route to the hospital.

“There was Cameron that was unconscious and another gentleman that was unconscious and there was a few other people in the back and two gentlemen did CPR on both those men the entire time to the hospital. It was just so incredible to see that drive and that determination and the will to help complete strangers.”

Speaking tO Anderson Cooper, Eardley also said how Robinson always made people laugh.

He added: “When I came out four years ago, I didn’t know how it was all going to go with my family. I knew they were accepting, but it took someone as special as Cameron to be able to open eyes for everyone and just learn love and acceptance. I’m so grateful to him for that”.

Eardley said he knew Robinson was “the one” as soon as they met on OKCupid.

He said: “I’d say right away. We met online and we chatted for a week and then in person, I came down here to meet him in person.”

Watch the emotional interview below:

The couple had been together for four years after they met on OkCupid, and a year ago, Cameron moved in with Bobby and his three children in St George, Utah.

Eardley earlier this week gave a heartbreaking tribute to his late boyfriend, saying: “He’s my other half.

(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)
(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)

“I’m the crazy, fly by the seat of your pants – he’s the straight-laced and level-headed one … and so many other things.

“His quirky little smile, his big teeth, his crooked sunglasses… so many things,” he told The Guardian.

Looking back at Sunday’s tragic events, he said: “I just remember being really upset – why would somebody set off firecrackers at a venue like this when shootings have happened?”

After another round of gunfire, Eardley slowly understood the tragedy that was unfolding in front of him.

“I remember seeing people sitting on the ground and wondering why they were sitting because they were going to get trampled.

(Facebook/Bobby Eardley)
(Facebook/Bobby Eardley)

“And I realised they were bleeding.”

Writing on Facebook, Cameron’s sister Meghan said: “I woke up, well I didn’t sleep and if I did then I am still in this nightmare! I am getting on a plane today to go say goodbye to you!

“I was never supposed to say goodbye to you little brother you were suppose to take over the world…. I love you to the moon and back “.

Cameron was a records specialist for the city of Las Vegas.

His boss, Las Vegas city attorney Brad Jerbic, said: “Long before he came to work for the city he gave me his resume, and the first thing I remember noticing is that he got his bachelor’s degree when he was 20 year old – that immediately got my attention.”

(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)
(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)

Jerbic said that when he hired Cameron several years ago, his new desk was in the centre of the office – “a perfect metaphor,” according to Jerbic.

He arranged potlucks, brought food to the office and ran games at the Christmas party.

Jerbic said that when it came to Cameron, “everything went up a notch.

“If it was fun it was more fun, if the records were being processed efficiently it was more efficiently.”

(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)
(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)

A GoFundMe page set up to cover the funeral and medical expenses has so far raised more than $17,000 in response to a $15,000 target.

More than 380 people have donated to the campaign, titled: “You will be missed, Cameron Robinson” since it was created on Monday.

Valerie Alvey, who set it up, wrote that Cameron was “an amazing friend, son, brother, uncle, cousin, coworker and boyfriend”.

(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)
(Facebook/Cameron Robinson)

She continued: “He was full of life and love and so much passion. He loved his family, friends and everyone he came in contact with.

“He loved to cook, entertain, run marathons, travel, go camping, boating, and the outdoors in general and above all surround himself with those he loved and others.

“He is an amazing example to all and brought so much light to those he came in contact with.

“He accomplished so much in such a short time and touched the lives of so many. Between his love to cook and amazing dance moves there were always good times.

“He was such a caring, giving and loving man. Cameron, you will be greatly missed. We love you so much!”

There was outrage after the shooting, from those in the LGBT community who didn’t believe it was fair that they couldn’t donate blood to help victims.

In response to the mass murder, more than 100 Gays Against Guns protesters took to Times Square in the centre of New York City with signs reading: “Keep NYC gun free” and “Justice”.