Black Lightning’s lesbian superhero has a black girlfriend – and people are loving it

TV’s groundbreaking black lesbian superhero has a girlfriend, and fans delighted with the way she was introduced.

The second episode of Black Lightning aired last night on The CW, featuring the title character as a father to two daughters: Thunder and Lightning.

Played by Nafessa Williams, Thunder – also known as Anissa – is a medical student and a teacher at her father’s school.

After revealing her powers last episode with the destruction of a sink, the programme chose this week to reveal her sexuality.

No, not through a clichéd coming out storyline.

Instead, it simply showed Anissa and her girlfriend in bed together.

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They kissed, they talked, they argued and they generally acted like a normal couple.

When discussing her character, Williams told Teen Vogue: “She’s been out since she was a teenager.

“She’s 22 now. She’s walking boldly and unapologetically in who she is.”

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Williams said that the response from fans had been extremely positive.

“It’s amazing to watch because I’ve been getting on social media a lot of comments.

“Not even just black lesbians, just young lesbians everywhere who want to see more of themselves on TV and show what the life of a lesbian is like.”

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And she promised that her character would be represented in a genuine, inspiring way.

“You’re gonna go on that journey with Anissa. It’s also cool because my parents on the show, they’re very accepting and open about my sexuality.

“I hope that parents watching are inspired to support their lesbian or gay child.”

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Executive producer Salim Akil spoke to POPSUGAR about the fact that Anissa’s sexuality is not a contentious issue on the show.

He said: “There’s not going to be a coming out story…although I know it’s a social issue, in my personal life that’s never been an issue.

“So I was determined not to make it a ‘very special episode’ or an issue in the show.”

Viewers took to Twitter to express their love for the character.


Some viewers pointed out how the fact that Anissa had a girlfriend was wonderfully downplayed.


Another viewer appreciated how much screen time the couple got.


Each week’s episode will be added to Netflix as the series continues.

Check out the show’s trailer below.