Rylan labelled a ‘disgrace to the gay community’ for not challenging Ann Widdecombe’s anti-gay views

Rylan has been criticised for not challenging Ann Widdecombe on her anti-LGBT views on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Bit On The Side host admitted on Loose Women that he had been attacked on social media for his stance towards the 70-year-old former Tory MP.

Recalling some of the online criticism, Rylan confessed he had been labelled “a disgrace to the gay community” by CBB fans.

Emma Willis and Ann Widdecombe (Getty)

Rylan, 29, said: “Ann Widdecombe… I’m so… I love the show and I love being there but I’ve never been more happier that this series is over, because every night on Twitter all I got was these people that were either Team Courtney (Act) or Team Ann Widdecombe.

“I’ve been called a disgrace to the gay community for not laying into Ann Widdecombe.

“My thing is if Ann Widdecombe had said or done anything homophobic, racist, whatever, in that house, she would have been pulled straight away and she would have ‘been out of that house.”

Rylan (Getty)

While inside the Elstree house, Ann told fellow housemates that she believes same-sex marriage is wrong and the NHS should not prioritise gender confirmation surgery for trans people.

He continued: “I don’t agree with Ann Widdecombe’s views and I’d like to think in this day and age, not a lot of people agree with her views.

“But she is more than alright to have them (views).

Ann Widdecombe finishes in second place during the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Final (Getty)

“She didn’t force those views on anyone while she was in the house or anything.

“So I treated her like a housemate, like I would any other housemate.

“And do you know what? That’s my job, and I do my job well, and that’s exactly what I did with Ann Widdecombe. ‘I don’t have to agree with what she was saying.”

CBB 2018 contestant Amanda Barrie also lashed out at those criticising Ann for expressing her anti-LGBT views shortly after leaving the show.

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The former Coronation Street actress, 82, claimed Ann “has the right” to talk about her opposition to gay rights on the reality show.

The comments came after she clashed with Courtney Act star Shane Jenek over the issue while in the house.

Amanda Barrie (Channel 5)

Amanda, who is married to a woman, told Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff: “Anybody has the right to say what they like, I think.

“I’m rather tired – it wasn’t just Ann that I’m defending. I defend the right that people should say what they think.

“And I’m so tired of people sticking labels over people’s heads, and they meet the label, not the person. And that’s what bothers me.”

Amanda Barrie (Channel 5)

Asked if she was concerned she might be judged by viewers for defending Ann, the actress replied: “No! I don’t judge Ann on her views, as long as she doesn’t inflict them on me.

“That’s the point. If she was inflicting them on me, then I would go, ‘eh’,” she said, miming a punch.

Shane J argued with Amanda and fellow housemate Wayne Sleep about Ann’s voting record on LGBT rights while inside the Elstree home.

During her time as an MP from 1987 until 2010, Ann vehemently opposed gay rights – voting to block them at every opportunity.