Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia celebrate 10th wedding anniversary with adorable video

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary with her wife Portia de Rossi by sharing an emotional video of their marriage ceremony.

DeGeneres posted the video on her official Twitter account on Thursday (August 16), with the caption: “Ten years ago today. This was such a special day for us.”

The video shows the couple on their wedding day at their home in Beverly Hills, California, with a clip of DeGeneres greeting de Rossi and photos of the ceremony.

In the video, the couple can also be seen cutting their wedding cake together, and being serenaded by Joshua Radin, who played his track “Today” at the event.

It’s so far been watched more than one and a half million times.

In another tweet, DeGeneres also shared quotes from the late Wayne Dyer,a philosopher and motivational speaker, who officiated the pair’s wedding ceremony.

“Ten years ago, Wayne Dyer officiated our wedding ceremony,” she wrote. “These words were life-changing to us then, and they mean just as much now.”

The couple got married after the same-sex marriage ban was overturned in California in 2008.

However, the passage of the controversial Proposition 8, which reinstated the equal marriage ban, meant that the couple had to wait for a California Supreme Court ruling to validate their wedding because it took place before this amendment went through.

In 2010, de Rossi legally changed her last name to DeGeneres. However, she continues to be known as Portia de Rossi professionally.


Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 US states, following a Supreme Court decision in June 2015.

DeGeneres recently spoke out about coming out more than 20 years ago, saying she didn’t work for three years afterwards.

When she came out in 1997, and her character Ellen Morgan followed suit in her sitcom Ellen, many people in the LGBT+ community rejoiced.

Her character became the first openly gay lead in television history, and 44 million people tuned in to watch her coming out episode.

The TV channel received huge numbers of letters from grateful fans, and the episode went on to win an Emmy.

DeGeneres has discussed the impact of her coming out more than 20 years ago. (Kevin Winter/Getty)

However, the cast also received death threats, and the show went on to be cancelled just one year later.

In a candid interview with Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, DeGeneres spoke about the challenges of that time.

“When I lost my sitcom, I didn’t work for three years solid until I got the talk show,” she said. “I was bitter and sad and angry. How did this change everything, just by me being honest and saying I’m gay? Why is this such a shock to people? Why is it such a big deal?”

DeGeneres went on a tour after her show was cancelled, on which she said that 90 percent of the audience was gay.

“All the gay people really thought I was doing some kind of gay pride tour, so I was making fun of the fact that I was their leader. It was like, ‘I am not your leader. I’m nobody’s leader,’” she said.

In her wide-ranging conversation with Seinfeld, she also spoke about the death of her girlfriend, who was just 23 when she died in a car accident.

DeGeneres spoke about the world today, saying it is “such a scary place right now, in so many ways,” saying it “overwhelms me with dread.”

DeGeneres said she didn’t work for three years after coming out in 1997. (Kevin Winter/Getty)

DeGeneres’ hugely successful The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been running since 2003.

The television personality is preparing for an upcoming Netflix stand-up special, which will be her first in 15 years. A release date is yet to be confirmed.