This is the meme about hurting people during sex that’s going viral

Sometimes sex can be better when its many pleasures are combined with a little pain – and sometimes, it all goes wrong.

After last month saw the rise and fall of the hilarious ‘days without sex’ meme, August is all about when you find someone to make love with and want them to make it hurt.

But of course, when you ask someone to cause you pain, there’s always the potential that they could go too far and unintentionally break you down in a way which you may never recover from.

It’s all fun and games until someone unearths your deepest insecurity (Pexels)

In one such instance, the sexual partner tells the tweeter: “Your sexuality is not your defining personality trait.

“Me: wait. Her: You hide behind it because it’s the only thing you’ve ever felt good at.

“You’ve never felt adequate enough at anything else to establish identity outside of just being gay.

“Me: stop.”


Another contributor to the meme said: “i want you to hurt me,” only to be told, flat-out, that “you’ll never be the man you wish to be.

“me: wait – them: you’ll never be a proper male your dick gonna be weird and you’ll have huge scars and a huge part of the gay community will neglect you as a sexual partner and –

“me: sTOP.”

Tweets like these emphasise how savagely truthful the meme is in terms of the attitudes and fears it highlights.

Another one in this vein sees the author being told: “non-binary people don’t exist.

“Me: what. them: you’re just going thru a phase.

“Me: stop.”

As well as transphobia, the meme has also been used to address biphobia.

“[during sex] me: i want you to hurt me. her: plenty of men slide into your DMs and even ask you out on a date…

“me: wait. her: …but they leave as soon as you tell them you’re bisexual.

“me: [crying softly] pls stop.”

Turns out memes can make you feel emotional as well as amused.

And like any meme, it’s also been used to speak some truths to different fandoms.

For instance, despite being “fully endorsed” by Oscar Isaac himself, the chances of many Star Wars fans’ favourite ship Finn and Poe getting together seem slim.

“Poe dameron will never be canonically gay,” says the tweeter’s lover.

Fans have been hoping Foe and Pinn would get together for years (Disney)

“me: wait. them: it’s extremely unlikely you will ever get a gay in a franchise as large as star wars.

“me: STOP.”

Another tweeter appears to upset themselves as they highlight the issues created by Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender introducing a gay character, Adam, only to kill him off just seven episodes later.

“Them: i want u to hurt me,” the tweet begins. “me: adam fell victim to bury your gays. them: no wait.

Adam dies trying to protect Earth (Netflix)

“Me: the writers murdered the one person shiro could’ve come home to and instead gave him 5 seconds to mourn the loss of his long term boyfriend and never mentioned him again.

“me: STOP.”

They admitted afterwards that they meant to write “them” instead of “me,” but the tweet is probably funnier this way.

Another fan of the meme covered several different shows including The 100, Supergirl, Killing Eve and The Bold Type as they wrote that their sexual partner said: “eve stabbed villanelle and Carmillas a vampire again and Lexa is dead and – ”

(The CW)

Alex and Maggie, before the split (The CW)

“Me: WAIT. “Her: Maggie left Alex and kat and Adena broke up and –

“Me *sobbing *: JUST LET THE GAYS BE HAPPY.”

Amen to that.

From the gender-neutral big dick energy to the proliferation of bisexual lighting all over your screens, 2018 has been a stellar year for memes.

Atomic Blonde was a prominent user of bisexual lighting (Atomic Blonde)

And that’s without even mentioning the endlessly gratifying “I’m straight, I’m bi, I’m gay” meme which became ubiquitous on Twitter in May.