Ivanka Trump slammed for selfie with pastor who claims gay people ‘molest children’

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence posted grinning selfies with extreme anti-LGBT pastors at a White House dinner this week.

The White House hosted a hundred evangelical Christian leaders at a dinner Monday night.

The guest list for the event was not released, but photos that have surfaced on social media show members of the Trump administration rubbing shoulders with members of listed anti-LGBT hate groups and pastors who have made shockingly extreme homophobic remarks.

Despite claiming to be a supporter of LGBT rights, the Daily Beast notes that the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump snapped selfies with “extremist” pastors Jim Garlow and Robert Jeffress.

Garlow and Jeffress also grabbed selfies with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Melania Trump and Jared Kushner.

Jeffress, an American Southern Baptist pastor from Texas who appears to have close links with the Trump-Pence administration, has directly equated gay people to paedophiles in the past.

Speaking on his radio show, he claimed: “Some gay activists don’t even try to hide the link between homosexuality and paedophilia. There are some who are right now are actively involved in trying to legalize sex between adults and children by lowering the age of consent or removing it altogether.

“It would be wrong to even suggest that a majority of homosexuals are pedophiles, but the truth nevertheless is there. There are a disproportionate amount of assaults against children by homosexuals than by heterosexuals, you can’t deny that, and the reason is very clear: homosexuality is perverse, it represents a degradation of a person’s mind and if a person will sink that low and there are no restraints from God’s law, then there is no telling to whatever sins he will commit as well.”

Jeffress has also compared homosexuals to people who rape animals, claiming: “God’s plan for sexuality is one man with one woman in a lifetime commitment called marriage. Any deviation from that is sin.

“Of course, I’m always, the retort to that is ‘oh! Are you pulling a Rick Santorum and saying that homosexuality is like bestiality, uh, incest, or pedophilia?’ And I say ‘Yes.’ It is just as immoral as those practices.”

On another occasion on his radio show, he claimed that homosexuality is “the most detestable” act in the world.

Meanwhile, Garlow has claimed that Satan is responsible for gay weddings.

He claimed: “If I were Satan, I would want to destroy on the earth the image of God.

“This is why marriage is such a hotbed issue. It’s more than just the issue of homosexuality.

“It’s much more than that. It’s much more cosmic. It’s big, it’s enormous.

“They want to destroy the very image of God upon the planet. This is a demonic happening in our midst.”

Garlow previously claimed that people who support same-sex marriage should move to houses where the plumbing doesn’t work.

The pastor said: “All the people who advocate for so-called same-sex marriage ought to have to live in homes in which the plumbers who built them, or the electricians who built them, didn’t understand the difference between the male and female end of piping or plumbing or of electrical as well, and see how that home works out for them.”

“It doesn’t work. It can’t work because God has made male and female spiritually, physically, psychology, and emotionally as complementary to each other, completing each other.”

LGBT activists have laid into the White House over the dinner.