Sia refused to take a photo with Donald Trump because she didn’t want to upset queer fans

Sia refused Donald Trump’s request for a photo because of her “queer and Mexican” fans.

The “Chandelier” singer spoke to Rolling Stone about her appearance on the same edition of Saturday Night Live as Trump in 2015, while he was courting the Republican nomination for President.

Sia opened up about an the incident behind-the-scenes on the episode, when Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump approached him to ask for a photo.

Singer Sia performs (Kevin Winter/Getty)

She recalled that Trump had said that “We’ve got to get a photo!,” but she was worried of fans’ reactions to a photo “arms around each other, plastering the Internet.”

The singer told him: “Actually, do you mind if we don’t? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don’t want them to think that I support your views.”

She explained that Trump didn’t seem angry by her shooting down the request, responding: “Oh, no problem. Then don’t.

Sia added: “It was as if he viewed me as protecting my brand… He respected that.

“I was like, ‘Thank you so much,’ and then I went into my dressing room and had crazy diarrhoea.”

Which is a natural response to meeting Donald Trump, to be honest.

Sia has long been an LGBT+ ally.

Sia (Theo Wargo/Getty)

She previously condemned anti-LGBT Republican Sarah Palin for using her song “Titanium” for a speech in 2014.

Palin had used the song for a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference defending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, who was pulled from the reality show after a rant in which he compared homosexuality to bestiality, but was reinstated a week later.

Palin claimed the controversy was a victory against “perpetual panties-in-a-wad people”, and said: “People all over America understood that Phil’s right to express himself, that fight that he had to undertake, that was all about our right to express ourselves. His fight was our fight and we pushed back and we won.”

After being informed that her music was used for Palin’s speech, Sia clarified: “Needless to say I do NOT endorse Sarah Palin or her use of “Titanium” in any way, shape or form.”

In 2013 pledged to donate all proceeds from her collaboration with Eminem to an LGBT+ charity, after being made aware of the rapper’s homophobic lyrics.

In 2016 she released a music video dedicated to the memory of the victims of the massacre at the Pulse gay club shooting in Orlando.

The video features 49 dancers, representing the 49 victims of the massacre.

The powerful music video and ends with a harrowing shot of the dancers dropping to the floor, revealing a wall behind them riddled with bullet holes.