Fortnite’s Disco Domination and Skull Trooper skins provide Halloween fun for the battle island

Fortnite‘s latest patch carries Skull Trooper shaped nostalgia for some fans, as veterans of the game wonder what else there is to enjoy in the update.

Have you been waiting for a chance to play Fortnite since the first patch for Season 6 was rolled-out? Not sure what’s included in the latest update for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC?

What’s new in Fortnite patch v6.02?


The internet has been somewhat astir with news that the popular Skull Trooper skins are back in the Item Shop after last week’s update.

Those Fortnite devotees who were playing the game back when those skins were available first time around will not be disappointed either.

Epic Games are providing an exclusive purple glow for longer-term players, so that they can distinguish themselves from those who have spent 1,500 V-bucks to recently acquire the once coveted costume.

What else is new?

The update also includes some other fixes and new additions which are entertaining the battle bus regulars. Here’s a quick run-down of the important notes:

  • A Quad Rocket Launcher is the latest weapon to be included in the Battle Royale. Epic’s patch notes say it will allow players to fire rockets ‘in quick succession’, as opposed to launching four rockets at once. Expect mayhem.
  • The Disco Domination mode has already got people talking. Similar in approach to the classic ‘King of the Hill’ mode from Halo, players will have to lay claim to specific territory and hold onto it for as long as possible. But, with this being Fortnite, things are a little different.

How does Disco Domination mode work?


It’s a 50 vs 50 game which is designed around five dance floors that will appear somewhere on the map. (It’s not yet

You and your teammates need to occupy a dance floor and start emoting on it to capture the terrain. The longer you emote on the floor, the more your “dance bar” will fill up.

The first team to get to 100 percent on the dance floor will win the game, although that’s going to be trickier than it sounds. Players cannot build on the dance floor itself, but they can build in the area immediately around it.

That should create an interesting division of work amongst teams between those who hold the perimeter and those who let their disco feet fly. If you tire of dancing, you can always attack an enemy-held dance floor and try to prevent your competitor groovers from racking up disco points.