Doctor Who pregnant man branded transgender ‘propaganda’

Some people are very upset after Doctor Who featured a pregnant man.

The November 4 episode of the BBC sci-fi show, “The Tsuranga Conundrum,” introduced Yoss, a member of the alien Gifftan species, played by Jack Shalloo.

Although Gifftan look like humans, it’s revealed that Yoss is heavily pregnant.

The character explains that unlike humans, both male and female Gifftans can give birth—men give birth to boys, and women give birth to girls.

The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) looks at Yoss (Jack Shalloo)

The news was enough to upset some viewers, who lashed out at the BBC over the storyline on Twitter.

One linked it to a government transgender rights review, claiming: “Normally I would have just dismissed the silly ‘pregnant man’ gag, but since we know that women’s rights are being erased right now for a male lobby that insists that males should have a right to women’s spaces/identities, it’s hard to laugh at it.”

Paul Embery added: “I’m beginning to think the BBC has commissioned a team of Guardian columnists to write each new episode. I preferred it when they battled daleks, and stuff.”

He tweeted: “Nowadays the nonsense is infused with propaganda.”

Others took to social media to claim that the show has “lost the plot” and was “rubbing it in our faces.”

The show has long faced criticism for its so-called “PC agenda,” but complaints have intensified since Jodie Whittaker took up the reigns as the 13th Doctor.

People attacked the show for casting a woman in the traditionally-male part, even though it had long been confirmed that Time Lords like the Doctor could change gender.

Yoss (Jack Shalloo)

The show has long had an inclusive, fluid approach to both gender and sexuality.

Doctor Who recently dropped a major hint that one of the show’s main companions is bisexual.

The October 28 episode, “Arachnids in the UK,” introduced the family of series regular Yasmin ‘Yaz’ Khan, a young Muslim police officer played by Mandip Gill.

One scene sees Yaz’s mum Najia, played by Shobna Gulati, questioning whether Yaz is dating the Doctor or fellow companion Ryan (Tosin Cole).

In 2017, the show featured lesbian companion Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie.

The character became a fan favourite, but was written out of the show after just one season.

Mackie accepted a PinkNews Award in 2017 on behalf of the show.

She told PinkNews at the time: “It’s testament to how well she was received and how well people responded to having an out lesbian on a mainstream TV show.

“It’s genuinely been amazingly positive, especially going around the world and meeting people. I met a couple of young girls who were BAME, and talked to me about how watching Bill on Doctor Who enabled them to come out and feel comfortable with their own sexuality. For me that’s a massive achievement.”