Gay ‘cure’ therapy exposed in UK churches, with claim LGBT equality is ‘like Nazi propaganda’

Pastor Gbenga Samuel attempting to "cure" an undercover ITV reporter of his homosexuality

An ITV News investigation has exposed gay conversion therapy taking place in UK churches, with one pastor comparing society’s acceptance of LGBT+ people to Nazi propaganda.

The broadcaster also found that several pastors at the Pentecostal Winners’ Chapel in Dartford—one of the largest churches in Britain—claimed they could stop people from being gay.

In one video, two pastors from the church can be seen spinning an undercover ITV reporter around on the floor, telling him: “Let there be a release! Let the fire come upon him!”

Pastor Gbenga Samuel

Pastor Gbenga Samuel compared the acceptance of LGBT+ people to Nazi propaganda. (ITV News secret filming)

The video of the praying, which lasts for around 20 minutes, was filmed barely an hour after the reporter told pastor Gbenga Samuel that he is gay.

“God can fix” gay people, says pastor

In another clip, Samuel tells the undercover journalist that “something shifted” in the process of his life, “which God can fix.”

Samuel warned that society would try to convince him that being gay “was the right thing,” adding that several parts of the reporter had come “under the control of Satan.”

He then compared the messages of acceptance in modern society about LGBT+ people to the way Germans were brainwashed by the Nazis.

Samuel asked the journalist: “During World War II, how was Hitler able to get boys to gas millions of Jews in the gas chamber?”

He continued: “These boys were specially trained in special school where it was played over to them, over and over, during the day and during the night, the propaganda that the Jews are the bad people, and they should be exterminated.”

In July, the government vowed to ban gay “cure” therapy, after its national LGBT+ survey revealed that thousands of people reporting having undergone gay conversion therapy in the UK.

ITV News political correspondent Paul Brand spent six months investigating gay conversion therapy in UK churches.

A series of reports following Brand’s investigation will be released this week by ITV.

Winners’ Chapel denies offering gay conversion therapy

Winners’ Chapel openly states that its mission is “liberating men everywhere from every oppression of the devil, which includes homosexuality at its Dartford branch.

The church said it would carry out an internal investigation in to ITV’s findings, but denied engaging in any form of gay conversion therapy.

One woman from another church told ITV News that her family had called a pastor to exorcise her of her homosexuality at her home.

“His words were along the lines of ‘there’s something inside of you that needs to come out,'” she said.

“So whether that is a demon or a bad spirit, it’s something that’s in me.

“And it’s almost like he had his hand on my chest to draw something out, speaking in tongues. All the family were gathered around me, praying, laying hands on me.”

She said that the prayer lasted for three hours and left her feeling like “damaged goods, defective goods.”