Did Grace and Frankie just reveal that Grace is bisexual?

A still from season five of Grace and Frankie, which is on Netflix

Grace Hanson, one half of the iconic Grace and Frankie duo, has seemingly come out as bisexual during season five.

The second episode of the hit Netflix show‘s new season features the main characters squatting in their former beach house.

As the friends enjoy Grace’s first ever slumber party—because her mum thought that’s how communism spreads—she asks what they actually entail.

“Well I suppose it’s too much to hope for,” Frankie responds, before asking: “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”

Grace fires back: “Okay, do you wanna have sex with me or not?”

“I’ve kissed a girl”

— Grace Hanson of Grace and Frankie

Rolling around laughing at her friend’s reaction, Frankie says: “No, but I love how uncomfortable it makes you!”

“It doesn’t make me uncomfortable!” Grace insists, and then informs her: “I’ve kissed a girl.”

Frankie smiles as she dismisses the idea, saying: “You have not.”

“A lot of things happened before you came on the scene,” Grace assures her.

Frankie reflects the audience’s desires by pleading for more details, but unfortunately, that’s where the scene ends.

Grace and Frankie scene amazes viewers

As a result of this episode, which also features Nicole Richie and RuPaul, Grace and Frankie‘s queer fandom has been set ablaze with questions over Grace’s sexuality.

Some on Twitter were sure that Grace was revealing that she was bisexual.

One person quoted lines from the slumber party scene before writing: “GRACE BISEXUAL HANSON EVERYONE.”

Others have determined that the exchange between Grace and Frankie meant they were meant to end up together, just like their ex-husbands.

The titular characters from Grace and Frankie talking to each other during the show's fifth season

Grace and Frankie enjoying their slumber party (Netflix)

“I just started #GraceandFrankie’s 5th season and I’m already dead because of this scene,” wrote one such fan.

“I’m sorry but now you can’t tell me Grace and Frankie won’t end up together because it would be just rude. I NEED them together NOW!!”

Another wrote: “My Grace and Frankie season five review is tentatively titled Grace and Frankie Are More in Love Than Ever, LEAVE ME ALONE!”

One fan of the pair as a couple tweeted: “two episodes into Grace and Frankie and they’re the gayest they’ve ever been, PLS.”

And a different person said: “GRACE IS FRANKIE’S WIFE & THAT’S THE TEA.”

Still more viewers were mainly just confused by the scene, but in an extremely intense way.

“I don’t think anyone understands what this Grace and Frankie scene did to me because F**K it’s been 12 hours and I still haven’t thought about anything else,” tweeted a fan who ended up in this situation.

Another enthusiast of the show reacted to the scene by tweeting: “I have only one opinion at this point that I’ll stand by till I die: Grace and Frankie f**ked on the slumber party night.”