Billie Eilish reveals what ‘Wish You Were Gay’ is about and fans are mad

Billie Eilish attends the Sean Penn J/P HRO gala benefiting J/P Haitian Relief Organization and a coalition of disaster relief organizations at Wiltern Theatre on January 05, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Billie Eilish has revealed that her new song “Wish You Were Gay” is about a man, disappointing and angering countless queer fans.

The 17-year-old “Ocean Eyes” singer unveiled the track on Monday (March 4) after a tease of the title led some fans to conclude that she might come out on the song.

But it turns out that “Wish You Were Gay” is actually about Eilish wishing that a guy who doesn’t like her back is gay.

Billie Eilish, who just released "Wish You Were Gay," performs on stage during KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas at The Forum on December 9, 2018 in Inglewood, California.
Some fans of Billie Eilish thought “Wish You Were Gay” would be a coming out song. (Kevin Winter/Getty)

“I just kinda wish you were gay,” she sings, “To spare my pride / To give your lack of interest an explanation.”

“I’m not your type / Maybe I’m not your preferred gender orientation,” Eilish adds.

Billie Eilish tells fans that the man in “Wish You Were Gay” has come out

Fans grew angry when they saw a video of Eilish saying she “made” the subject of the song come out as gay.

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the meaning behind ‘wish you were gay’ (this is from an old livestream)

— billie eilish updates (@eilishupdates) March 3, 2019

“The song is called ‘I Wish You Were Gay,’ and that’s so not meant to be offensive in any way,” she tells viewers in the undated livestream.

“It literally means that I wish he was gay so he didn’t like me for an actual reason instead of the fact that he didn’t like me.

“And guess what: he just came out to me a couple of weeks ago. So f***ing, I did that s**t! I wrote the song and made him f**k a dude. I’m f***ing proud, bro.”

She ends the video by adding: “That’s okay, he can be gay with other gay guys, and they can be beautiful together.

“And I can just watch.”

Queer Billie Eilish fans are upset about “Wish You Were Gay”

Eilish’s queer supporters went from being excited about what sounded like it would be an LGBT+ bop to being furious at the singer.

One person tweeted: “f**k billie eilish f**k ‘wish you were gay’ f**k using gay men as ur f**king props for songs n s**t im just. so mad.”

A different user commented: “what the HELL can cishet women STOP with this bulls**t of fetishising gay people!?!? hoping someone has a ‘valid’ reason for rejecting you and using gay men to do this… disgusting.”

Fans are angry with Billie Eilish for “Wish You Were Gay.” See what you think:

Others simply wanted to make it clear that the song was not the queer anthem that people hoped it would be.

One of these tweeters wrote: “Billie u should stay the f**k outta the gay community.”

“Billie Eilish song ‘Wish You Were Gay’ is not for the LGBT community, you fools.”

— @ugh48 about Billie Eilish

Another said: “‘wish you were gay’ is about her being rejected by a boy and then wishing that he was gay to make the rejection feel less harsh… and people are calling her gay icon i’m gonna SCREAM.”

A different person tweeted: “Billie Eilish song ‘Wish You Were Gay’ is not for the LGBT community, you fools.”

And yet another user commented: “I love Billie but what the f**k? Don’t use the gay community to boost up your self esteem, like??? That’s such a f***ed up mentality.”