Pundit ridiculed for saying trans people are making new ‘part-machine’ species

The comments about trans people were made on a podcast hosted by Laura Ingraham.

Trans people have jokingly embraced a claim from a right-wing commentator that they want to create a “new species” that is “part-machine.”

Speaking on The Laura Ingraham Podcast on March 27, McGill University’s Paul Nathanson accused trans people of “abandoning gender altogether, not simply re-writing it.”

Pundit Nathanson, who has written multiple papers about the alleged spread of anti-male discrimination, known as misandry, added: “They’re basically trying to use social engineering to create a new species.”

He continued: “They want, they must, in fact, destroy whatever is in order to replace it with what they think should be.”

When Fox News host Ingraham asked what the new species would look like, he responded that it would be “part-human and part-machine.”

Comments on Laura Ingraham podcast draw ridicule

Trans people have made fun of the remarks, which appear to confuse transgender people with transhumanism—the theory that people can use science and technology to evolve beyond their current capabilities.

Some also questioned whether Ingraham and her guest had mixed up trans people with the fictional Transformers robots, but many more embraced the idea that trans people could become cyborgs.

One person tweeted: “part human, part machine, all trans. doncha love it when transphobes accidentally make trans people sound badass?”

Bumblebee from the Transformers series, who some thought Laura Ingraham's guest confused trans people with.

Some suggested that Paul Nathanson had confused trans people with Transformers. (Paramount)

Another fan of the prospect of becoming a part-robot human wrote: “They always end up making us sound like awesome rebels,” while a different person said: “That could not sound any more dope???”

Many expressed their gratitude with Ingraham for releasing a podcast episode with this futuristic concept, like the tweeter who commented: “That wasn’t the plan but by golly it is now! Thanks for the great idea, Laura!”

Another wrote: “This wasn’t my strategy but I am totally on board with it.”

In a similar vein, one tweeter said: “Is that supposed to be an argument against trans people? ‘Cause she just laid down one hell of a pro argument!”

“This is a whole other level of stupid. Though if trans people are starting a machine fused human race, I’m all for it.”

— @DankwraithFA

Another person commented: “This is a whole other level of stupid. Though if trans people are starting a machine-fused human race, I’m all for it.”

“This sounds awesome! Thank goodness for the unprecedented power of trans people,” said someone else.

A different user who got hundreds of likes for writing “hell yeah” joked below the original tweet: “Wow, this blew up. Pay me some money so I can hack off my arm and get a cool robot one. And also estrogen.”