Queer Eye’s Fab Five make over a rescue shelter puppy, and it’s emotional

Tan France and Jonathan van Ness with rescue dog Lacey

Queer Eye‘s Fab Five have revealed a new, emotional makeover.

A very special mini-episode of Queer Eye was released on Tuesday (April 30), and the hero is a very, very good girl.

In honour of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, the Fab Five returned to New York City to give a makeover to three-year-old rescue dog Lacey.

Lacey, who is part corgi, part beagle, and possibly part Basset Hound, was rescued in Tennessee, where she was facing the possibility of euthanasia.

She lives at North Shore Animal League America’s no-kill animal rescue and adoption shelter, where she is up for adoption.

Rescue worker Rosie explained in the episode: “She’s an angel. She is perfect. But, I think you can make her, you know, perfect to the max.

“The good thing about [rescuing a pet] is, whoever rescues her, you’re actually saving two lives, because you’re taking her out of a cage in our facility, so we can rescue another animal. So, if you adopt one, you save two lives.”

Queer Eye‘s Fab Five all used their skills to help Lacey

The Fab Five all employed their individual talents for Lacey, just as they would for any other hero, with Bobby Berk pulling off some interior design tricks to make her dog bed feel like a home.

Haircare expert Jonathan Van Ness revealed a “gorgeous coconut oil based paw cream” for Lacey, adding: “Lacey, if you look at yourself in the mirror, you are serving me glamour. You are serving me a calm, regal sophistication that we’ve got to send you into your new home with, honey.”

Stylist Tan France is usually responsible for wardrobe choices, but he made clear: “We do not appreciate clothes on dogs.”

Instead, he picked out a chic black collar and leash.

Meanwhile, Antoni Parowski made peanut butter wheat germ puppy cookies, explaining: “Puppers love treats. Puppers deserve love. You should make treats from scratch whenever you can because if humans deserve to engage in self care like that, then dogs sure as hell do as well.”

Of course, Karamo Brown was also on hand for an emotional heart-to-heart with Lacey about her childhood demons.

Fab Five: Karamo Brown of Queer Eye's Fab Five make over rescue dog Lacey

Karamo Brown of Queer Eye’s Fab Five make over rescue dog Lacey

He tells Lacey: “You probably have a lot of fear of what’s going to happen in the new home.But you don’t have to have that fear, okay?

“Because I want you to remind yourself and your new owners of some things, okay?

“I want you to tell them that you provide unconditional love and support, especially to people who have loneliness, anxiety, stress. I want you to tell them that you’re a great cuddle buddy.

“You’re a great exercise buddy because you are active, right? And don’t forget—you teach kids responsibility. You’re a great teacher.

“I love you and they’re gonna love you, too.”

At the end of the mini-episode, it’s revealed that Lacey has been adopted, with the Fab Five all chipping in to pay for the costs.

Those craving a further Fab Five fix may not have to wait too long, as Queer Eye is set to return to Netflix for a Japan spin-off season in 2019.