Trump supporter demands Brian Sims ‘suck a d**k’ to prove he’s gay

Trump supporter Brenden Dilley

A prominent Trump supporter called for Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims to “suck a d**k” to prove that he is gay.

Sims, who was Pennsylvania’s first openly gay legislator in 2012, has come under fire from conservatives after filming himself challenging an anti-abortion protester in front of a Planned Parenthood centre.

The incident also apparently led MAGA activist Brenden Dilley to question the sexuality of the lawmaker.

MAGA activist demands gay lawmaker ‘suck a d**k’

Dilley, who has appeared on Trump-supporting actress Roseanne Barr’s YouTube show, claimed in a video:  “This dude’s not f**king gay. Sims doesn’t like the d**k.

“Sims pretends to be gay because it provides coverage of his behaviour, because he knows anyone who goes against him will be labelled a bigot.

“I don’t think he’s gay and I think we need to prove it. Find me Sims’ girlfriend.

“We should f**king demand we see him suck a d**k before we’ll believe he’s gay. You’re not gay, dude. Suck a d**k. I don’t believe you, I think you’re just pretending to do it.

“A gay guy would do it. Suck a d**k. Go.”

Brian Sims

Brian Sims

Sims did not dignify the rant with a response.

Brian Sims has faced homophobia from Republicans

In April 2018, a Republican opponent in the Pennsylvania House branded Sims a “lying homosexual.”

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe wrote: “There is a pattern to the attacks that have been made against me by liberal loser Democrat legislators on my committee… lying homosexual Rep Brian Sims has been under an ethics investigation, then there is constant touchy-feely Rep Matt Bradford who has touched me over 40 times.”

Never missing a chance to fundraise, Sims responded by shared a link to his donation page, writing: “I could use your help as I go up against this type of blatant homophobia and bigotry in the Capital.”

In 2017, Sims taught a homophobe a lesson, by calling his grandmother.

Dialling the number that was publicly available on an anti-gay troll’s Facebook profile, he got in touch with the grandmother, who was “very frustrated and disappointed” with her grandson’s homophobic actions.