HIV-positive gay men can get a Health MOT in the HIV Garage

HIV awareness campaign My HIV, My Rules, My Journey is launching HIV Garage, a video series to help HIV-positive gay men plan ahead for health decisions they will have to make as they age.

This article has been funded by Gilead Sciences Ltd.

The campaign My HIV, My Rules, My Journey has been successfully running for four years and provides information about taking care of your body, and reducing the risk of developing other conditions associated with HIV as your get older.

The new HIV Garage video content will feature drag queen Panti Bliss having her car serviced by members of the LGBT+ and HIV community as “mechanics,” while raising awareness of the various health assessments available to those with HIV.

“Mechanics” include Calum McSwiggan, Jultin Myers, Taofique Folarin, Paul Fleming, Sadiq Ali and Kristian Johns, as well as a secret celebrity yet to be revealed.

HIV Garage lets people take control of their own healthcare

The campaign’s website has been revamped, and like any other garage the HIV Garage offers an MOT service.

Users can take a Health MOT to learn more about health assessments and make a personalised checklist of topics to discuss with a consultant or GP.

The campaign, which is developed and paid for by Gilead Sciences Ltd., emphasises: “This is your life, your HIV and your journey. That means you make the rules, you choose where you’re going and you decide how you’re going to get there. Think of yourself as the driver, not the passenger.”

According to Public Health England there are more than 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK.

Go to My HIV, My Rules, My Journey Youtube channel for all of the latest HIV Garage videos, and take the HIV Health MOT on the campaign website.

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Date of preparation: July 2019