Lesbian YouTubers Ari Fitz and Jade Fox share their coming out stories

Ari Fitz and Jade Fox speak to PinkNews about coming out

Lesbian YouTubers Ari Fitz and Jade Fox have revealed how they first realised they were queer and what it was like coming out for the first time.

In an episode of First Times, a PinkNews original series, they revealed the first time they went on a date, kissed a girl and coming out to their parents.

Watch Ari Fitz and Jade Fox’s First Times:

Coming out to her parents led Ari into a period of being “super homophobic” as the reaction wasn’t one she had hoped for.

“I was genuinely afraid of queer people,” she told PinkNews.

First times going on a date?

The pair also talked about the first time they went on a date with a woman and the nerves they felt beforehand.

“I love dates,” laughs Ari. “The first time I went on a date with a woman was actually a double date because I was so nervous.

“I was so scared because I’d only been on dates with guys and you don’t really do much. The less you say, the more they like you—it’s really f***ing weird.

“It was the first girl I’d ever liked in my life and up until that point I’d been super homophobic so it was just a switch.”

Her friend then suggested making it a double date as Ari was “freaking out.”

The plan worked out well as “she just kissed me, she made out with me, and then I was like that’s a good sign”.

Jade’s first date was an attempt to get more serious with someone she’d be “hanging out with”.

She said: “I got there, we’re sitting there, everything’s fine and then all of a sudden her friend walks in.

“I didn’t know, I thought that it was just a coincidence—but then she sits down at her table.”

Watch the video above to find out how her date ended, or head over to PinkNews’ YouTube channel for more on sex and dating.