Drag queen performs ‘abortion’ on stage with fake blood and guts and a plastic foetus – and Christians are raging

New-York based drag queen Blair Back shocked audiences with their 'zombie cannibal performance'. (Screen-grab via Instagram)

Some people opt to go as a spooky vampire, others wrap themselves in toilet paper and go as a zombie for Halloween.

Some, like New York-based drag queen Blair Back, go as a “zombie cannibal” for Halloween, complete with pools of fake blood, spluttered guts and a plastic foetus.

The performer uploaded a video of their act which has gone viral on Facebook primarily because a lot of people who are against abortion are simply apoplectic at the post.

Shared on groups such as ‘Ending Abortion’, the clip has been criticised by Christian-aligned groups, leading to Back even being called the ‘anti-Christ’ by some opposers.

While the bulk of backlash came from anti-abortion groups, some took issue with how Back’s portrayal can be interpreted and that it may cause offence to people who have suffered miscarriages or have had abortions themselves, no matter what side of the debate they may stand.

Drag queen tears out baby doll from stomach to the tune of Ke$ha’s ‘Cannibal’

“The inspiration for this performance was from a lot of horror movies where a woman got pregnant by and alien, demon, monster, et cetera and they have to cut the baby out of her before it kills her from the inside,” Back wrote on their Instagram account.

With Ke$ha’s ‘Cannibal’ blasting in the background, the performance sees Back perched on a bar table in an all-white one-piece. They then cut into their fake pregnancy bump with a knife.

Tearing out a plastic baby doll covered in blood, Back then smears the fake blood onto their body while lipsyncing and dancing.

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After the video began to do its rounds across social media, Back compiled their favourite criticism from Irish anti-abortion group Pro-Life Éire. The group rolled out waves of reproofs against Back.

While some detractors have attempted to get the video and screen-grabs taken down from the social site, Facebook moderators have clarified that the performance “doesn’t go against one of our specific Community Standards”, according to screenshots.

People defend drag queen’s controversial act: ‘Yes the video was horrifying, but that was the damn point’

While Back’s performances prompted condemnation from certain Christian organisations, dozens of fans took to Facebook to voice their appreciation.

“Yes the video was horrifying, but that was the damn point,” wrote one supporter. “I loved it.

“It’s a show, it’s supposed to be like this.”

Another user had an amazing merchandise idea: “Someone’s gotta make a shirt of you sitting on the bar with a knife in one hand and the doll on the other.”

Beneath the praise, some Facebook users slammed Back’s style and how it can be interpreted by certain potentially more vulnerable groups. “Where is the humour in this?” one user questioned.

“He’s wasn’t trying to mock abortion,” said a user, defending Back.

“He was going with the theme of the show for that evening.

“If you immediately get offended by this, then you’re thinking [too] far into it.”