Brexit Party candidate declares ‘war’ on LGBT+ community and wants to turn ‘Christ-rejecting creatures’ into shoes and handbags

Brexit Party

Battle stations everyone – Brexit Party hopeful Victor Farrell has declared ‘war’ on the LGBT+ community, and he wants to bury us with Hugh Hefner when he’s done.

Farrell is the Brexit Party’s candidate for Glenrothes in Scotland. His bizarre social media rants against “perverts pushing sodomite rights” were revealed on Monday by SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth on Twitter.

“Look at the state of the @brexitparty_uk candidate standing in Glenrothes – crusading against lesbians, rampant youths and all those without god in their lives,” she tweeted, sharing screenshots of Farrell’s 2017 Facebook posts.

In one, Farrell writes: “LGBTQ – whatever you are. I now publicly confirm that in response to your never ending attacks. I am now AT WAR WITH YOU ALL.”

He wrote in another: “All Christ-rejecting swamps need draining, and the creatures therein need making into shoes and handbags and buried with Hugh Hefner.”

Farrell describes himself as “a full-time Christian” whose faith “permeates” everything. It’s not clear whether his war against LGBT+ people extends to his fellow Brexit Party candidates, two of which are trans.

He also objects to “young lesbians in parliament, old lesbians leading political parties”, “youths in arrogant rampantness”, and “beta males … urinating over their own bellies”, which he believes are all symbols of being “abandoned” by God.

Unfortunately, he’s not the first Brexit party candidate who’s fallen afoul of the LGBT+ community in the build-up to the general election.

The Eddisbury candidate Nicholas Goulding lashed out at LGBT+ people over the ‘LGBT+ poppy’, which isn’t even a thing.

And South Thanet candidate Timothy Vince showed his true colours in an appalling BBC interview where he failed to explain or apologise for previously referring to gay sex as a “shameful deed done in secret”.