Harry Styles took a mouthful of cod sperm to avoid awkward question from ex Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles with a mouthful of cod sperm

Harry Styles came face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner while guest hosting Tuesday’s The Late Late Show.

The Fine Line singer filled in for James Corden, who is busy filming a movie, and was joined by his “longtime friend” Jenner, who he was romantically linked with back in 2014.

The pair played a game of forfeits, with each having to choose between answering an awkward question or eating an unusual dish.

Jenner was up first, and was asked to list her famous siblings in order of their parenting skills.

For those interested, she ranked Rob as the best parent, followed by Khloe, Kim, Kylie and Kourtney.

After answering Jenner chose her question for Styles, something she said she’d been “dying to know” the answer to.

“Which songs on your last album were about me?” the supermodel asked.

Rather than ‘fess up, Styles tucked a bib into his shirt and dug into a bowl of cod sperm (a Japanese delicacy).

To spit or to swallow?

As he paused, Jenner suggested: “Just don’t look at it.”

“What are we doing?” Styles asked, before taking a forkful.

As he chewed, Jenner added: “Just swallow it.”

“To spit or to swallow?” Styles asked, as the audience roared with laughter. As it turns out, he’s a spitter.

“That really carries an aftertaste,” he added after rinsing his mouth with water.

Harry Styles has had quite the decade.

The exchange came almost nine years to the day after Styles came runner-up on The X Factor with One Direction.

The band lost out to Matt Cardle on December 12, 2009, with Styles memorably whispering to the singer: “Think how much p*ssy you’re gonna get.”

Look how far we’ve come.

These days, Styles is a bonafide queer icon, maker of “bisexual anthems” and purveyor of artful nudes.

The promotional tour for his new album Fine Line has also seen him guest host Saturday Night Live, in which he appeared in not one, but two LGBT-themed sketches.