Justin Bieber goes head-to-head with fan who hates Yummy in priceless viral video

Justin Bieber

On January 13, David Dobrik posted a video on his YouTube channel asking University of California Beliebers what they think of Justin Bieber.

What they don’t know, though, is that the singer is hiding behind them.

The YouTube star already surprised fans the same way with Kylie Jenner last March.

Dobrik started the video saying: “Today, we’re gonna see what people think about Justin Bieber.”

And, well, this video is worth watching, to be honest.

This is how it started.

Basically, most students just couldn’t stop complimenting the him.

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One of them said: “I will always have a special spot in my heart for him.”

Her friend added: “I got into bullying fighting with this girl when I was in fifth grade because we fought over who’s the biggest Justin Bieber fan.”

One of them finally asked when Bieber appeared: “Can I touch you?”

Asking the big questions.

Another person said: “I love him, I wanted to marry him, honestly.

“I’m sad about Hailey, it’s OK though.”

That’s when a certain pop star appeared behind her, asking: “You want to marry me?”


She replied: “I’m actually gonna s**t myself right now.”

Another girl casually remarked “how can you not” have a crush on Bieber?

When discovering Bieber was behind her, she admitted, with sparkles in her eyes, that he was cute in person.

Another said she met Bieber but he wasn’t very “talkative”.

Justin replied behind her: “Maybe he’ll be more talkative this time.”

Justin Bieber meets fan who doesn’t like ‘Yummy’ and the reaction is exactly what you’d expect.

Bieber recently released his new song ‘Yummy’, which he’s been clamouring to hit number one on the charts.

When he entered the car, Shea Durazzo was asked what he thought about Bieber and he went right on: “Oh my God, I love him, but ‘Yummy’ is just not it.

“It’s not that good.”

Big yikes.

Screenshot of David Dobrik’s video. (David Dobrik/YouTube)

If only he had known who was behind him.

Justin burst out of his hiding spot and yelled: “IT’S NOT IT?”


Obviously, they ended up hugging, Shea told Bieber: “Oh my God, I love you.”

Then, the student had no legal choice but to change his mind and ended up saying, “OK, ‘Yummy’ is good,” and started dancing and singing the song’s lyrics.