Everyone’s least-favourite far-right gun activist gets epically shut down by cop at Pride parade

Katilin Bennett's discussion with a police officer at an Iowa, US, Pride has gone viral. (Screen capture via YouTube)

A clip of the conservative pundit popularly known as ‘the Kent State gun girl’ being schooled by a police officer has gone viral on Twitter.

Kaitlin Bennett, who is on your Twitter timeline so much you may have to start charging her rent, covered an LGBT+ Pride in Des Moines last year for Info Wars.

While pummelling the pavement, she spoke with a police officer to report come complaints made against her by Pride-goers.

But the officer basically did his job, asking Bennet, who once strolled into a campus with an AR-10 rifle like an ordinary human would, to “leave everybody alone”.

It’s the latest clip to resurface of the 24-year-old, who has gone viral multiple times this week.

Kaitlin Bennett trades barbs with police officer at Pride parade. 

“You clearly don’t like what they’re up to,” the officer sternly said, after the right-wing activist informed him of complaints Pride-goers made about her.

Prompting Bennet, who once said her “Pride parade” was her with three other people wearing USA t-shirts with a car behind them, to say: “I don’t care what they’re up to!”

“Then go away,” the cop replied, “there’s no reason to interview anyone.”

The officer reasoned that Bennet is free to stick around the march as long as she doesn’t procure anymore objections.

But Bennet, who regularly goes up to students to ask them about people using tampons for some reason, wondered why the officer is making “accusations” when he’s meant to know “the truth.”

“I’m not any making accusations”, he clarified, “other than what I believe is taking place here,” leading the pair to squabble after he tried to “confiscate” her property.

The officer cleared up that her camera equipment is needed as evidence for detectives to investigate her allegations.

Moreover, he said he was done “playing these games” and says he would “prefer not to hear” any more complaints being filed against her.

Kaitlin Bennett: ‘My audience loves cops!’

“I believe what you’re doing here right now is ‘This will be great film’,” he said, gesturing to the camera filming him, “‘arguing with the cop, oh, you got him’, that’s what this is all about.”

“My audience loves cops!” Bennet says back, “that wouldn’t make any sense.”

Indeed, her audience loves cops, at least, this cop in particular, if the 100,000 retweets are anything to go by on a clip shared on Twitter.

“Let’s move on with our night so I can go protect somebody who might actually need to be projected,” the officer continued.

“I’m trying to protect myself!” she shouted.

“Then leave everybody alone!” the cop barked back. A true American hero.

‘This is white privilege at some of its finest’: LGBT+ Twitter had thoughts. 

While the presence of police officers at Prides is a bristled issue for some activists, some LGBT+ users praised the officer while slamming Bennet for using her white privilege.

Although, others remained cautious about supporting law enforcement being involved in Pride celebrations, giving the community’s contentious history with police.