Hate preacher Franklin Graham claims he doesn’t even know what ‘homophobia’ means. Yes, really

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, the anti-LGBT+ hate preacher whose UK tour has been left in tatters, said he doesn’t even know what “homophobic” means.

The preacher, who has praised Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay laws, blamed gay people for a “moral 9/11” and declared that gay people are “the enemy” of civilisation, was set to go on a tour of the UK during Pride month.

In an interview with Premier Christian News, responding to the backlash against his tour, Graham gave a non-apology and said that he doesn’t know what homophobic means.

He said: “People who use these words like homophobic or Islamophobic – I’m not sure what those terms even are.”

Asked if he wanted apologise to people that had been hurt by his anti-LGBT+ comments, Graham said: “I don’t know what they’ve heard or what they’ve experienced but I would certainly apologise to anyone who feels that I am against them, or hates them… I would certainly apologise if there was someone who’s afraid or hurt because of something that they think I have said.

“I’m here to say that God loves you. God is willing to forgive sin. If we will repent and believe in the name of his son, Jesus Christ, we will be forgiven.”

He also revisited comments he made about Pete Buttigieg, calling for him to “repent”, and saying that being gay was not something to be “flaunted” or “praised”.

Graham said in the interview: “I did talk about Pete Buttigieg… he was putting forth his gay lifestyle and his marriage. I did that that’s not something he should flaunt.

“That’s something he should repent of. We should should not flaunt our sins, we should be embarrassed by our sins and ask God for forgiveness.”

Franklin Graham on UK tour: ‘We’re not cancelling anything. We’re coming.’

The Trump-loving preacher and son of Billy Graham is set to visit the UK at the start of Pride Month in June as part of an evangelist tour.

His plans are currently in tatters, however, as every single venue he was supposed to perform at has cancelled on him.

But Graham has now claimed, however, that he will find new venues and that they will in fact be “larger” than the ones he originally booked.

He said: “We’re coming. Some people may think we have cancelled, we’re not cancelling anything. We’re coming.”