Hillary Clinton shares her searingly obvious plan to get rid of Donald Trump with Ellen Degeneres

Hillary Clinton shares plan to get rid of Donald Trump with Ellen Degeneres

Hillary Clinton sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about Donal Trump’s impeachment acquittal and how to get him out of office.

Spoiler alert: Clinton’s top tip for getting Trump out of office comes down to voting in the presidential election.

The former secretary of state, who ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential race, has firsthand experience of Trump’s tendency to use the highest office in the nation to bully and intimidate US citizens.

So, when Ellen Degeneres asked Hillary Clinton for her views on what to do to get him out, her answer was simple: “The way to do that is the election.”

The pair sat down to talk on February 6, with Clinton admitting she was “emotionally drained” after doing interviews about the affair her husband, Bill Clinton, had in the 1990s for a documentary series.

Bill Clinton’s affair with a White House intern, then-22-year-old Monica Lewinsky, while he was president, led to him being impeached by the House of Representatives. He was later acquitted, however, by the US Senate.

Trump was acquitted by the senate in his impeachment trial the day that Hillary Clinton and Ellen sat down to talk.

This was despite the fact that Republicans themselves were urging senators to impeach Trump.

The Republican group Defending Democracy Together told GOP senators to vote to remove Trump from office in a new TV advert, which they paid to run on Fox News in the weeks leading up to the impeachment trial.

When Ellen asked for Clinton’s thoughts on the results of Trump’s impeachment trial, she said: “I wasn’t surprised.”

“It’s hard to get 67 votes to convict and remove somebody,” Clinton said. “But I was still disappointed that not more Republicans were willing to take the stand that Mitt Romney took.”

“So we’re not moving on, but I hope that voters and Americans of all political stripes actually pay attention and say to themselves, ‘Hey, you know, he has to be held accountable.’ And now the way to do that is in the election.”