New Quibi series Singled Out is the LGBT-inclusive dating show we’ve all been waiting for

Singled Out host Keke Palmer and drag queen contestant

Singled Out, the ’90s-era MTV dating show rebooted for Quibi, is already a hit with fans thanks to its LGBT-inclusive approach.

The Quibi show is one of about 50 that launched on Monday (April 6), with each episode coming in at 10 minutes or less.

Singled Out‘s hosts, comedian Joel Kim Booster and actor/human meme Keke Palmer, manage to pack a fair amount into that short time, whittling a crowd of 30 contestants down to three finalists based on their answers to a few “dealbreaker” questions before giving them the chance to win over the episode’s eligible dater.

Each of the contestants is somebody the dater already knows through social media: the idea is to move people out of the friend zone and into – well, that depends.

“If you really want to have fun, I’m gonna have fun with you,” Palmer told the Los Angeles Times.

“And if you’re really looking to find love, I’m gonna be right there with you too.”

Quibi reboot kicks off with lesbians and drag queens.

Singled Out succeeds where shows like Love Is Blind and Love Island have so far failed, in that it welcomes love of all types.

The first three episodes released to Quibi feature a Black bisexual woman, a gay man and a drag queen who appears in full beat, proving that LGBT+ people can be seamlessly integrated into dating shows without any “logistical difficulties”.

Naturally, queer viewers at home are so far thrilled by this piece of much-needed representation.

Singled Out hosts want everyone to feel good.

Palmer explained that LGBT-inclusion has proven key to adapting the Quibi show for the modern age.

She told the LA Times that she, Booster and then crew set out to create “an environment for our dater that feels judgment-free, fun and embracing”.

Booster added: “We wanted everyone to leave feeling good.”

The comedian explained that although the high-energy show is purposefully ridiculous (one episode challenges two suitors to a dildo race), the hosts both took their responsibilities seriously.

“We didn’t cheat by any means, but Keke and I definitely had opinions.

“And we definitely wanted everyone to end up with someone that they could actually date.”