Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson says he wants the show’s trailblazing gay couple to live on forever ahead of finale

Modern Family's Mitch and Cam getting married

With the Modern Family finale imminent, star Jesse Tyler Ferguson has said he wants Mitch and Cam’s groundbreaking love to continue to inspire.

Just in case you thought 2020 truly could not get any worse, Modern Family – the American mockumentary that redefined sitcoms – is coming to an end.

After 11 seasons and 250 episodes, the series finale will conclude the story of loving, grounded gay couple Mitch and Cam, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet respectively.

Fans will watch the Modern Family finale on Wednesday (April 8), but Ferguson said he hopes the couple will remain in their hearts for many years to come.

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson wants Mitch and Cam to continue to be relatable after the finale.

Ferguson, who received five Emmy Award nominations for his role as Mitch, reflected on his time on the show while talking to The View on Monday.

Speaking from his home via video link, the 44-year-old said: “I hope that the show doesn’t live in a time capsule.

“I hope that [Mitch and Cam] will always be a relatable couple for all people.

“When I was a young, gay kid in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I didn’t turn on the TV and see anything on the television that reflected what I hoped to be.

“I hope that this relationship on television now will be that for a lot of kids who can turn on the television [and] say: ‘Yes I can marry whoever I want to marry and have a family with them and experience the same ups and downs of being a new parent that my parents did’.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is expecting his first child in July. 

Away from the cameras, and Ferguson himself is very much starting his own, well, modern family.

He and his husband, Justin Mikita, are expecting their first child in July.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita in front of a rainbow flower wall

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita are expecting their first child together. (Getty)

Ferguson explained that the couple are “spending a lot of time getting our nursery ready” while social distancing in California.

But when he asked his fellow former cast mates for parenting advice, it’s safe to say he was given a laundry bag instead.

“It’s all very good, but nothing matches with anyone else’s,” he said.

“You have to sort of take what you get and disseminate, and sort of figure out what’s best for you.

“I don’t think I’ll know that until the little person is actually here.”