The big difference between Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan in two thirsty tweets

A Twitter user spotted a pretty remakarable difference between twins Shawn Mendes (L) and Troye Sivan (R) when it comes to their choking tact. ( Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp/Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Troye Sivan reading out thirst tweets and Shawn Mendes reading out thirst tweets shows the crucial difference between pop’s favourite twinks.

It all comes down to their contrasting choking tact. Yes, really.

On Monday, a Twitter user compared both musicians’ Buzzfeed sessions where they read thirst tweets. Said tweets are typically made of chunks of capital letters, salted with being thankful if the person killed them via various, often gruesome and outlandish ways.

For example: “I want Troye Sivan’s jawline to cut me into fries.”

But the user found out that Mendes and Sivan have very different approaches when it comes to choking.

Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan’s have contrasting reactions to choking requests.

Mendes read out a tweet where a fan kindly requested he choke them as elevator waiting music played in the background.

He then replied in a strained tone: “You know what the bad thing about this tweet is, is that I’ve seen this so many times.

“Don’t ask anybody to choke you.”


Jump to Sivan, who began his video saying he’s watched the Mendes video and, plot twist absolutely nobody saw coming: “I wrote all those tweets.”

Sivan then read out a tweet: “I love Troye Sivan so much. Gosh, choke me? Hit me with a truck?”

“That one’s not so bad,” Sivan cooly commented, “thank you, that’s actually very sweet.”

Sivan just said, at the top of his lungs: “Don’t kink shame!”


Some Twitter users viewed it as the undeniable difference between the straights and the gays, maybe.

Antoni Porowski could give Troy Sivan some choking tips, though. 

Choking seems to regularly pop up when celebrities chat to Buzzfeed.

When Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski did a drive-by visit while touring to promote his cookbook to read thirsty tweets, the inevitable took place – but Porowski revealed himself to be a choking expert.

A Twitter user called the close-up shots of Porowski cooking on Queer Eye “actual porn”.

The Canadian culinary expert responded: “I’m always holding a knife and that feels very dangerous. But I guess knives are weirdly sexual, aren’t they?

“It’s like being choked. Some us like it, but we know it’s dangerous.

“But if you like choking make sure you have a safe way. Actually, I learned this the hard way, about to have some TMI.

“Don’t have a safe word — have a safe move because often you can’t speak if you’re being choked.

“Pro-tip, you’re welcome to that, kids.”