Cher announces her new ‘project’ is almost here and perhaps this dumpfire year isn’t beyond saving after all

Cher smiling

Cher hinted that her new “project” is almost here, just two years after she released Dancing Queen, an album of ABBA covers.

It’s fair to say that 2020 is pretty much beyond saving by now, but it looks as if Cher is going to give it her best shot.

Writing on Twitter last week, the legendary pop star said she had finished “one pet project.”

“I think it’s actually good,” she added.

Cher is expected to release a new song next week to help us get through coronavirus lockdown.

It looks as though the new song will be released next week, with Cher saying all proceeds will go to a “wonderful charity”.

The pop star appeared to confirm that the new “project” will be a song in a follow up tweet.

Cher has remained tight-lipped on exactly what she is planning to release, but there are many possibilities, judging by her tweets over the last couple of years.

She previously said she was working on four new projects, including a Christmas album, a second ABBA cover album, an autobiography and a biopic.

So, in short, we have no idea what Cher is planning on releasing — but hopefully it’ll help make some people feel happy in a troubling time.

The pop star has been very active on Twitter during lockdown.

The pop star and gay icon has been keeping herself busy through coronavirus lockdown on Twitter. Earlier this month, she hosted an “ask me anything” session — and the results were revealing.

The singer took pause from dragging Donald Trump to field questions from fans.

She revealed that her favourite songs to perform live are “Song for the Lonely”, “Heart of Stone” and “The Fall” but said she couldn’t single out her most-loved album.

The singer is well known for being vocal about her political views. As well as lambasting Trump, she has also recently endorsed Joe Biden for the presidency — a move that divided her many loyal fans.