Homophobes distribute conversion therapy ‘helpline’ leaflets in Northern Ireland

conversion therapy northern ireland helpline

An anti-LGBT+ Christian organisation has been distributing leaflets to homes in Northern Ireland which advertise a conversion therapy “helpline”.

The Mid Ulster Christian Helpline is run by Freda and William Kerr, and according to BelfastLive, the couple have been distributing leaflets to homes in County Derry which describe “homosexuality and lesbianism” as “detestable unto god”.

The leaflets also provide the number for the conversion therapy “helpline”, which the couple have previously said they use to “cure” gay people in Northern Ireland by praying with them over the phone.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have launched an investigation into the incident, and a spokesperson said: “Police in Magherafelt received a report on Thursday June 18 of homophobic literature having been posted to a number of homes in the area recently. Enquiries into the matter are ongoing.”

But Freda Kerr was open about the fact that she has “no intention of stopping” and would rather go to prison.

She told BelfastLive: “It’s God’s word, not my word. We do it by way of the literature and we do to help people and people have been helped.”

A lesbian couple, who wanted to remain anonymous, said they had received one of the leaflets and added: “Our feelings were anger that this sort of rubbish being published and distributed and concern of the effect of this on more vulnerable people especially young people coming to terms with being gay.”

The homophobic Northern Ireland couple have made headlines before for their conversion therapy “helpline”.

Freda Kerr told The Mirror in 2012 that the couple believed being gay was “an acquired practised lifestyle”.

She said: “We think homosexuality is not biblical and it is the same sin that destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorah. They need to change and they need to understand that.”

The couple also believe that the Scouts and Brownies are occult groups, and membership means a “death curse hangs over the whole family”, that acupuncture is an “instrument of the devil”, that “human sacrifice is part and parcel of Halloween celebrations”, and that “World Book Day is an International Recruitment Day for the devil”.