Russia says homophobe-in-chief Vladimir Putin isn’t homophobic, actually, and there are ‘more important issues’ than its horrific treatment of queer people

Vladimir Putin has been vastly distant from delivering harsh measures during the coronavirus, leaving regional representatives to do so instead. (Alexei DruzhininTASS via Getty Images)

LGBT+ people everywhere will be shocked to learn that Russian president Vladimir Putin isn’t actually homophobic – he is just trying to defend the country’s “national principles”.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin told TASS that Putin – who introduced Russia’s infamous “gay propaganda” law – “does not tolerate extremes”.

Dmitry Peskov said that Putin has repeatedly answered questions about respect for LGBT+ rights in Russia and denied that the president is homophobic — despite swathes of evidence to the contrary.

Peskov went one step further and explained that Putin actually rejects the idea that LGBT+ rights are being infringed upon. Essentially, there’s nothing to see here – except the glaring homophobia.

Vladimir Putin isn’t homophobic – he’s just trying to defend Russia’s ‘national principles’, apparently.

The spokesman claimed that the country’s gay propaganda law – which bans the promotion of homosexuality – is “interpreted incorrectly in some western countries”.

“At the same time, the president always highlights Russia’s national principles in general, and in some Russian republics [regions], where historical roots have their own specific characteristics that cannot be ignored,” he said.

Remarkably, Peskov also dismissed concerns about a recent HBO documentary, Welcome to Chechnya, which looks at the horrifying “gay purge” that has taken place in the territory in recent years.

“If you think that the Kremlin should drop everything to familiarise itself with an HBO series about gays in Russia, do let us know,” he said.

“We believe that there are a lot of far more important issues.”

Putin – who is definitely not homophobic – is going to lengths to silence LGBT+ people.

We’re sure the LGBT+ community in Russia will be glad to know that there are “far more important issues” than – checks notes – the systemic torture and abuse of queer people.

Contrary to Peskov’s comments, there is actually plenty of evidence that Putin is, in fact, homophobic.

He has recently passed amendments to the Russian constitution which will define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman – despite the fact that same-sex marriage was already not legal.

Numerous LGBT+ people – including minors – have also been prosecuted under the country’s harsh “gay propaganda” law, making the country a harsh and dangerous place for queer people.