‘Homophobic’ Christian college revokes gay student’s admission because of his ‘sexually impure relationships’

Alex Duron Facebook Union University

A Christian college is coming under fire after it rescinded a gay student’s admission offer because of his sexual orientation.

Alex Duron had been accepted to study a master’s degree in nurse anaesthesia at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee – but that offer was quickly withdrawn when officials found out that he had a boyfriend.

Just days before classes were due to begin, the 38-year-old received a letter from the university explaining that he would not be welcome to study at the institution.

“It is my responsibility to inform you that your admission to the Union University graduate program in nurse anaesthesia has been rescinded,” the letter said.

“As a Christ-centred educational institution, we welcome all academically qualified students who seek the academically-rigorous and faith-informed education we offer and who are willing to uphold our community values.

“As part of the application process you agreed to adhere to and uphold the values and expectations set by the university.”

The letter’s author – whose name was redacted in a copy shared on social media by Duron – drew his attention to a community values statement he had signed and said he had violated its terms.

“Your request for graduate housing and your social media profile, including your intent to live with your partner, indicates your unwillingness to abide by the commitment you made in signing this statement,” the letter concluded.

Union University accused of ‘bigotry, prejudice and homophobia’.

Duron lashed out at the university in a Facebook post.

“It turns out that a faith-informed education from Union University is not God’s plan for me, because Union University is not ‘informed’ enough to not recognised [sic] that bigotry masked as religion is not Christian at all,” he wrote.

“My God taught me to love thy neighbour (Leviticus 19:18) and not to judge as is told in the book of Matthew.”

He accused the university of “bigotry, prejudice, heterosexism and homophobia” and said the worst part is that their rejection of him because of his his sexuality is “100 per cent legal”.

Our government is giving them the money to discriminate against me. 

“Did you know that Union University is not a fully private school and accepts federal funding? Did you know that your taxes are allowing them to discriminate against LGBTQ+ and their allies?”

He continued: “If you think this is WRONG. If you are SHOCKED. If you don’t want your taxes supporting an institution of higher education that is legally allowed to discriminate, then please LIKE. SHARE. Spread the word.

“Union University may not be right for me. I can accept that, but I cannot accept that our government is giving them the money to discriminate against me.

“Friends understand that I am doing fine and I have moved on from this. I have strong support all around me and I know my worth. Continuing to push forward but recognising that gay discrimination lies all around us.”

The university prohibits students from living a ‘homosexual lifestyle’ and insists trans students live in the wrong gender.

In a community values document available on its website, Union University instructs students that they must not engage in “premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexual activities, or cohabitation”.

“Union affirms that sexual relationships are designed by God to be expressed solely within a marriage between a man and a woman,” the statement says.

“The Bible condemns all sexual relationships outside of marriage. The promotion, advocacy, defence or ongoing practice of a homosexual lifestyle (including same-sex dating behaviours) is also contrary to our community values.”

The university goes on to explain that all same-sex relationships are prohibited on its campus – including same-sex marriages – and they claim they can “help students who face all types of sexual temptation”.

In a section on gender identity, the university insists that there are only two genders and tells trans students that they must live as the gender they were assigned at birth.

“Identifying oneself as a gender other than the gender assigned by God at birth is in opposition to the university’s community values,” the statement says.

When contacted for comment, Union University told PinkNews that it is a “Christian institution” and has “standards of behaviour for its faculty, staff, and students that are consistent with biblical teaching”.

“We love our students and want them to thrive and succeed, and we believe that a standard of conduct that honours God and submits to his authority is an important part of that success,” the statement said.

“All students who apply to Union University sign a statement saying they will comply with the university’s values. those students who fail to abide by  those values – or who show no intention of attempting to do so – are subject to disciplinary measures that can include dismissal from the university.”